Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich : Secrets Revealed

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich The latest Galaxy Nexus was launched along with Google’s latest Android version – Ice Cream Sandwich. With newer versions, the expectations of the people seem to increase and the Ice Cream Sandwich packs quite a lot of features that one would want in a smartphone. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich […]

Nokia World 2011 – Rise of the Windows Phones

Nokia World 2011 - Nokia 800

Nokia World 2011 The much expected event of the year lived up to its expectation and we got to see something we were expecting. Nokia did not disappoint this time.┬áNokia World 2011 took place with the announcement of a couple of much awaited Nokia series of Windows Phones and also four Series S40 phones. Nokia […]

Nokia World 2011 – What to expect?


Nokia World 2011 Less than 24 hours are left for Nokia’s event of the year. The┬áNokia World 2011 event could see some of the biggest turns in the mobile industry. Nokia which was once a leader in mobile industry has been pushed back with the rise of the droids. Microsoft has been struggling to create […]

iPhone 4S Vs iPhone 4 : Should you upgrade?

iPhone 4S Vs iPhone 4

iPhone 4S Vs iPhone 4 The recently announced iPhone 4S has managed to keep the tech geeks involved with its Siri application. The normal people on the other hand were expecting to see iPhone 5, but had to be satisfied only with iPhone 4S. Now if you are one of those guys waiting to get […]

Nokia Maps for Android and iOS


Nokia Maps Recently Nokia announced that its OVI maps will be available for its Windows Phones. Also, the users of Android and iPhone will not be left behind. Nokia’s software company have used HTML 5 to create a website that will be accessible on Android and iOS devices. Once the users visit the website., they […]

Nokia 603 – Belle Unleashed

Nokia 603

Nokia 603 Anna’s sister Belle has been unleashed by Nokia in its latest phone – the Nokia 603. Most of us have no idea why Nokia are releasing these Symbian phones which are failing to prove something because of the competition from Android. The Nokia 603 is first of the phones to have Symbian Belle. […]