Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

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Apple iPod Touch 4G

Apple has dominated the smartphone industry for quite some time with its iPhone. iPod Touch has been another significant product from Apple. iPod Touch = iPhone – Phone and the main thing about this iPod Touch is that it dominates the handheld gaming industry with more than 50% share. The iPod Touch is much more than a music player. Though it is a music player, it has loads of other applications like camera, Wi-Fi making it a complete internet device. With superb processor behind it, it is capable of running high graphics games with ease.

iPod Touch 4G

iPod Touch 4G

Apple iPod Touch 4G – Build & Design

iPod Touch 4G - Sizing


The build of Apple products is unquestionable and rightly so, the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation has one of the best finishes and a very slim design. It is extremely thin and sleek and it is the slimmest iPod Touch from Apple so far. With its curved design, holding the iPod has never been more comfortable. Despite the features that it packs, it measures a thickness of just 7.2 millimeters. With a height of 4.4 inches and width of 2.3 inches, the iPod Touch is visually nothing short of a phone. Weighing a mere 101 grams, it packs an amazing battery with the superb retina display.

On the front below the retina display, there is the trademark Apple home button and it happens to be the only button on the front side. In the top, above the screen is the front camera that comes to use during the video call. The right side has no buttons what so ever. The top has a single button on the right side for locking the screen. This button was found on the left side in the iPod Touch 3rd Generation and iPod Touch 2nd generation models. The left side of the iPod Touch has the volume rocker. The bottom has the USB connector port which is used for charging the device. The 3.5mm jack for connecting the earphones is also present adjacent to the connector. The back is a glossy stainless steel finish giving it a solid feel. The back is so good that your reflection is seen quite clearly on it.

Apple iPod Touch 4G – Features and Specifications


iPod Touch 4GThe Apple iPod Touch 4G is powered by the A4 chip(the same chip that powers the iPhone 4). The A4 is quite amazing with very fast processing and high power efficiency. With its powerful processing capabilities, it can undertake multitasks, editing videos with ease. Despite its processing, it has a very remarkable battery life. The processor is capable of delivering speeds up to 1 GHz, but for the life and battery efficiency, Apple has under-clocked it to 800 MHz and at 800 MHz itself, it delivers amazing performance. The RAM is 256MB and that is more than sufficient to run high end games. Power VR SGX is the graphics card that is used to boost the efficiency of the display. With the Gyroscope and accelerator, the gaming in the phone is so amazing and the race games feel so real. There are three variants of the iPod Touch – 8GB, 32GB and 64GB.


With iOS 4, the iPod Touch is capable of handling multiple tasks right from the start. The Apple App Store continues to be the top apps market and the apps keep pouring in. With the App Store, one can get all the games and software for various applications. The multi-touch usage on the iPod is just a dream. The whole screen seems to follow your finger movements so accurately and the detail that Apple gives to the multi touch section is so amazing. Flicking through the Album covers inside the music player or pinching on the photos for zooming has never been more fun. The use of iOS clearly puts its ahead of Apple’s other music players – iPod shuffle and iPod Nano. The iTunes store is a great place to get the latest music.

Retina Display

The Retina Display is surely the best display in the market when it comes to handheld devices. Fortunately, the iPod Touch has been fitted with the Retina display. The retina displays packs 326 pixels inside a single inch. The 3.5”inch screen is filled with a resolution of 960×640 pixels. The entire screen is lit up by LED that comes with an ambient sensor for automatically adjusting the screen brightness for the better battery life. Text in web pages and other images looks very crispy. Retina display takes gaming to a whole new level.


iPod Touch 4GHere comes the main use of the iPod. Music is just amazing in this made-for-music device. The music player has lots of features and the sound quality that comes out of the Apple earphones is quite amazing. The music player must be synched only with the iTunes and that continues to be the trend with Apple products. The display of the Album covers in the landscape orientation is just amazing to flick through and selecting the songs has never been more fun. The photo album viewer is the regular one which is relatively very simple when compared to the Android’s 3D gallery. Videos are at their best on the iPod touch. With a resolution of 640×480 pixels, any movie or a song video would be a real treat to watch on the iPod because of its retina display.


The iPod Touch 4G comes with two cameras- one at the back and the other at the front. The camera at the front is used during the video call mainly. The back camera is used to record videos and capture still images. The best thing is that the rear camera is able to shoot HD videos at 720p resolution. The resolution of the camera is nothing big to talk about. The rear camera is a 0.67MP camera, but it is amazing how it is able to record videos with superb clarity. The photo and video resolution of the back camera is 960×720 pixels. The photos are at their best when seen on the iPod. The front camera is able to capture images at 640×480 pixels. When taking the photos, clicking anywhere in the frame adjusts the contrast and brightness. The zoom is digital and it is better when it is not used.


Not being a phone is a major turn down, but it is too much to expect from a music player. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the major connectivity options. With the power of Wi-Fi, the iPod Touch surely explores the entire world in your hands with the Maps app. With the YouTube app, videos in YouTube are streamed effortlessly with a Wi-Fi connection.


iPod Touch 4GThe iPod Touch does not get any better in terms of Gaming. It dominates the hand held gaming industry with more than 50% percent share and that is something terrific for a music player. Thanks to the App Store, there are all sorts of games available for the iPod Touch. With RETINA display, gaming is pure fun. Apple’s accelerometer is capable of capturing even the smallest of movements and that comes as a great use in racing games. With support from GameCenter, online gaming is great and playing with friends can never be better.


Box Contents

  • iPod Touch
  • USB Connector
  • Earphones
  • Quick Start guide


Why you should get an iPod Touch?

  1. Apple Product (Reliability and Quality)
  2. Retina Display (Perfect for gaming and videos)
  3. Awesome Music
  4. Very slim and compact
  5. Superb Gaming with High End Graphics
  6. 720p Video Recording
  7. Apple’s App Store
  8. Dual Cameras
  9. Excellent Capacitive Touch

Why you should not get an iPod Touch?

  1. If you are looking for a phone, this is NOT A PHONE.
  2. Not internet connectivity on the go, except for Wi-Fi.
  3. No expandable memory.
  4. For anything and everything, iTunes is needed.
  5. Too costly (price Rs11000 for 8GB model)

iPod Touch 4G – Final Scores

Build Quality
Value for Money


If you are already having a phone and are looking to replace it and your budget comes around Rs12000, then get an iPod Touch and keep the phone. Surely you will not regret getting an iPod Touch.

If you are interested in phone and want to have internet with you always, then a nice 3G phone should be your option.

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