Apple testing the next iPhone’s A5X chip

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Apple is expected to make a huge change over in the design of iPhone 5 or the next iPhone. At least that is all we are hoping. News from 9 to 5 Mac’s suggests that Apple may be testing their new dual core A5X processor for their next generation iPhone. The testing of the new processor might have suggested that the new A5X chip that will reside in the new iPhone will be modified version of the chip that is being used in the new iPad. News from inside is that Apple is doing the processor testing inside the chassis of an old iPhone 4S. This is to prevent any possible leakages of the new prototype. As always Apple is not taking any risk about the leakage of information. Along with the new processor, the next generation iPhone is expected to come with 1GB of RAM against the current 512MB RAM.

iPhone 5 As some believed that the iPod Touch range may be axed because of the introduction of the iPad Mini, the rumors were wrong. It seems that the iPod Touch will go the distance. The internal changes of the iPod numbering from 4.1 to 5.1 in one of Apple’s test report suggest that the iPod Touch will undergo some serious changes in the hardware. The iPod Touch has been the same for more than 20 months now and Apple must have given it quite a thought. The new iPod Touch is expected to house either the A5 processor in iPhone 4S or Apple may decide to give it the new A5X processor of the next gen iPhone. We will have to wait for any confirmation from Apple.

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