Are Rs10000 Tablets the next big thing?

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Google Nexus Tablet

A couple of years back, tablets were a little far fetched for a normal man’s grasp. The tablet industry was an one horse race with Apple winning it with its iPad which was priced about Rs30000. Then came the Android tablets with similar configurations and price from Manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Dell, etc. But even these Android tablets were priced a little too high for the common man. Then last year in Q3’s end came a shocking announcement from Amazon that they would be selling their Android tablets for Rs10000 from November. This was a huge turn around for the tablet industry. The Kindle Fire from Amazon currently which was released for around Rs10000 around November is the number one Android tablet with nearly half the market share. Also it leads the Android race against the iPad in the tablet industry. The Kindle Fire was nothing less in terms of configuration – a dual core processor, 512MB RAM, PowerVR SGX540 ( the same GPU in Galaxy S) and a decent 7″inch screen with 1024×600 resolution screen, but it was tied to the Amazon App Store.

Earlier this year, Asus announced that it would be releasing a full Android 4.0 ICS tablet running on a quad core Tegra 3 processor for less than Rs 13000. This was the news that swept the tablet industry. But that tablet has been dropped now. Google are directly coming into the market with the Google Nexus Tablet this year. The rumor around the tablet industry is that Google have joined hands with Asus to make a Rs10000 tablet running on Quad core Tegra 3. Also the manufacturers like Samsung, Toshiba and Asus have announced that their tablet manufacturing costs are getting cut down. There is confirmation about the tablets at Rs13000 as NVidia CEO has mentioned that Tegra 3 Quad Core processor will make a 7inch tablet available at 200$(Rs10000) in an interview to The New York Times. There are also rumors that Apple might be working on a smaller version of the iPad – probably called the iPad Mini that could give direct competition to the Amazon Kindle Fire. If Apple are to launch an iPad Mini for around Rs13000-Rs15000, that would mean that iPod Touch would be dead as consumers will something with a larger screen for the same price range.

Despite the steep price, the tablet industry is currently dominated by Apple’s iPad. The latest launch – The New iPad has sold 3 million units in three days, explaining how eager the people are to get their hands on a tablet. The iPad is a big hit because of its quality and the new iPad is priced at Rs30000. How could the other manufacturers produce tablets at Rs10000? Could low price tablets mean cheap and poor quality tablets? All this is just a conclusion that we can come to from the recent happenings and none of this is confirmed.

We will only have to wait and see if the Google Nexus Tablet will makes its way to the customers at Rs10000? May is the month Google Nexus Tablet is expected to make its debut.

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