Asus Transformer Prime – The Tablet of the Year

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Asus Transformer Prime

Asus Transformer Prime

Asus Transformer Prime with Keyboard Dock

The Transformer changed the way the people looked at tablets and now the Transformer Prime is here to make sure that the people get a feeling of laptop on their tablet itself. The Asus Transformer Prime is the first tablet to be running on the NVidia Tegra 3 QuadCore chip and it is also hoped to be the first tablet to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Asus Transformer Prime – The Ups

1. Quad-Core processor – NVidia Tegra 3 running at 1.4GHz

The new quad core processor will ensure that the tablet is capable of delivering gaming performance that can equal to a gaming console. Also everything will take place smoothly on this device that is aided by smooth transitions. There is also a fifth companion core that runs all the easy tasks and thereby saving a lot of battery juice.

2. Super IPS+ Display with Corning Gorilla glass

The 10.1″ inch LED backlit display of Asus Transformer Prime will have a screen resolution of 1280×800. This clearly is higher than that of the iPad 2 and hence one can expect sharp images. Also the screen has a brightness of 600 nits. This will make the device visible even in direct sunlight.

3. Dual Cameras 8MP (rear) and 1.2MP (front)

This is the first time a tablet has been given a 8MP camera and thanks to the processor, it will be capable of recording 1080p full HD videos with ease. Also with the ICS update on the way, there is possibility that the front camera will be able to record 720p videos.

4. Solid and Sturdy Build

The Asus Transformer Prime takes a complete metal build. The radial metal design on the back along with the ASUS logo makes the device look quite rich as well as quite sturdy. The device is quite thin (thinner than the iPad2) , but is very comfortable to hold. The screen lock and power buttons are on different edges, thereby avoiding confusions.

5. The Keyboard Dock

The additional keyboard dock ($150) is what makes the Asus Transformer Prime a true transformer. With the help of the dock, one gets the feel of a net-book that has a superb touch screen and a quad core processor with awesome graphics. The keyboard is a very good buy because it has an external battery pack that guarantees another 6 hours taking the total to an astounding 18 hours which is by far the most for any tablet. With the keyboard dock comes an USB port that allows the users to connect their hard disks and watch their movies. They can also use their Xbox or PS3 controllers for playing the latest games making the Transformer Prime a gaming console this time. Also there is a SD card slot that can be used to further enhance the storage capacity.

Asus Transformer Prime – The Downs

The Asus Transformer Prime does have a few negative points

1. Expensive

The Asus Transformer Prime costs $499 for the 32GB while $599 for the 64GB version. The keyboard dock comes with an additional price of $150 dollars.

2. Outdated Android 3.2

Thought Honeycomb is tailor made for the tablets, the ICS is still the newer one and better OS. The Asus Transformer Prime ships with Android 3.2 Honeycomb, but Asus has guaranteed Android 4.0 ICS update as early as Jan 2012.

3. The Keyboard dock

The keyboard is very advantageous, but the keys are a little too small for comfort. Also the touch pad comes in the way when typing. When the tablet is attached to the keyboard dock, the weight of the tablet seems to pull the tablet backwards.

4. Only Wi-Fi, no 3G

Possibly one of the biggest drawbacks of the Asus Transformer Prime will be the lack of 3G as it will not be able to use internet on the go where there is no Wi-Fi.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Bottomline : Asus Transformer Prime – The best Android tablet so far.

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Asus Transformer Prime - The Tablet of the Year, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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