Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones

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In a world dominated by Android and iOS, leading names like Microsoft, RIM are trying to play catch up with their WP8 and BB10 respectively. Even reputed names are having a very tough time trying to even catch up to Android/iOS. In a battle so complicated, Canonical have decided to roll their dice with Ubuntu for smartphones.

The Canonical Ubuntu for touch devices is based on Linux, just like Android. Canonical is trying to achieve the same thing that Ubuntu for desktops achieved(breaking the Windows eco-system, marginally). Ubuntu, just like its desktop version, will be open(like Android) and users will be able to install Ubuntu on their phones free of cost. During the announcement of Ubuntu smartphone OS, there were no hardware partners.

Some of the interesting features of the Ubuntu OS are – there is no lock screen. Swiping from either edge of the screen will open up the respective menus. Browser based applications will have the same functionality like the Native apps(like sending out notifications). The concept is nothing new. Canonical is just offering one more OS for the manufacturers to choose from. What came as a shock during announcement is that Ubuntu based smartphones are expected only from 2014. By the time Ubuntu devices arrive, the whole industry could have been eaten up by Android.

Canonical’s Ubuntu will be just another amateur OS alongside Samsung’s Tizen, Jolla’s Sailfish OS and Mozilla’s Firefoz OS. These are the new OS that will be trying to gain some attention from the manufacturers. Samsung has its own phones and so Tizen will have a lead among the others. Firefox OS will gain popularity because it is mainly targeting the entry range phones. Given the competition, Ubuntu OS will be finding it very difficult to make a name for itself.

What do you think? Can Ubuntu make a dent in Android’s share?

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