Huawei executive unveils Huawei’s 6.1inch 1080p Ascend Mate

Huawei Ascend Mate

With less than a couple of weeks to go for the CES 2013, we have our first pre-CES announcement. A Huawei executive, Richard Yu, couldn’t wait until the CES to unveil Huawei’s premium product that is fitted with a 6.1inch 1080p display. Yesterday, Richard Yu took out the device and unveiled it to the fans […]

Google is preparing a ‘X Phone’ and ‘X Tablet’ to take on Apple and Samsung

Google X Phone

Long back, Google had acquired Motorola. It was stated that this acquisition was mainly regarding the patents. The relationship between Motorola and Google dint move ahead much after LG started making this year’s Nexus phone – LG Nexus 4. But it looks like Google’s relationship with Motorola had been planned for the long run. Google […]

HTC planning two Windows RT tablets for 2013

HTC Windows RT Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface RT has not reached the people as well as Microsoft would have expected. The sales of the other Windows 8 devices isn’t picking up either. HTC has had very little success in the tablet industry with a couple of tablets – Flyer and Jetstream. Rightly so, it opted out of the tablet market […]

Sony Yuga to be officially unveiled as the Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Yuga has been the talk of the mobile industry for sometime now because of the beasty specifications and the 1080p Full HD display. The Sony Yuga has always been identified as a codename, and yet it has become famous. The Yuga is expected to be unveiled as Sony Xperia Z. Sony has reserved the […]

Samsung confirms Windows Phone 7.8 update for all Samsung Mango devices

Samsung WP 7.8 Update

Samsung has been too busy on Android to focus on Windows Phone products. Microsoft recently rebooted the Windows Phone 8 mobile OS and it gave a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade for the unfortunate WP 7.5 devices. Nokia was seen testing the WP 7.8 update on its Lumia 800. There was however, no signs from Samsung […]

Samsung to “finally” show off flexible displays at CES 2013


Flexible displays have been in the rumor stage for quite sometime now. Each and every time a rumor about flexible display comes up, it is always associated with Samsung. So, it is evident that Samsung is working to bring a bendable display into the market. Looks like 2013 will be the year when Samsung brings […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII getting the Premium Suite


Samsung Galaxy SIII is still one of the top selling Android smartphones. It looks like Samsung acknowledges this fact better than anyone else by giving the Galaxy S3, various features from the Galaxy Note. During November, Samsung had announced that the Galaxy S3 would be getting a premium suite upgrade containing various useful software additions. […]

Sony Yuga previewed before official announcement

Sony Yuga

Sony Yuga Much like the story of Nexus 4, Sony Yuga has been previewed ahead of the launch. In the case of Sony Yuga, a Russian website Mobile-Review was able to get its hands on a prototype. They have previewed the device and looks like the Sony Yuga is going to be one of the […]

HTC Windows Phone 8S finally available in India for Rs19,350

HTC Windows Phone 8S

HTC Windows Phone 8S The HTC 8S was announced long back and we almost forgot that such a phone existed. In November, HTC announced that the mid-range Windows Phone HTC 8S will be priced at Rs19,350. At that time, there was no information about launch date of the HTC 8S. During the third week of […]

Nokia rumored to announce Windows RT tablet at MWC 2013

Nokia Tablet

The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest events of the year in the mobile industry. With more than 50 days to go for the event, we have already started hearing various rumors. One of the very interesting rumor is that Nokia is planning to unveil a Windows RT tablet at MWC 2013. A […]