Sony Yuga previewed before official announcement

Sony Yuga

Sony Yuga Much like the story of Nexus 4, Sony Yuga has been previewed ahead of the launch. In the case of Sony Yuga, a Russian website Mobile-Review was able to get its hands on a prototype. They have previewed the device and looks like the Sony Yuga is going to be one of the […]

Sony Xperia Sola – With Floating Touch Magic

Sony Xperia Sola

Sony Xperia Sola The Xperia Pepper had been creating quite a buzz in the smartphone rumor market for sometime until today when Sony took the curtains away and coined it as the Xperia Sola. Earlier today, Sony had actually confirmed that the Sony Xperia Sola will be available during the Q2, but neither the exact […]

Sony Xperia S : Truly Lovely

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S At CES 2012, Sony announced four phones out of which the winner clearly was the Sony Xperia S. The other was the Sony Xperia Ion and a couple of phones for the Japanese Market. The Sony Xperia S would be the first of the Sony Xperia NXT Series. The Sony Xperia S seems to have it […]

Nokia World 2011 – Rise of the Windows Phones

Nokia World 2011 - Nokia 800

Nokia World 2011 The much expected event of the year lived up to its expectation and we got to see something we were expecting. Nokia did not disappoint this time. Nokia World 2011 took place with the announcement of a couple of much awaited Nokia series of Windows Phones and also four Series S40 phones. Nokia […]

Galaxy Z – Is there more to it than being just pocket friendly??

Samsung Galaxy Z

Samsung Galaxy Z Samsung smartphones, especially in the Android segment, have been multiplying faster than two rabbits in heat. Obviously for us customers that is a welcome move indeed. Introducing the Galaxy S2 has made owning an Android powered device almost as “cool” as owning the iPhone! But the cost factor is still keeping many […]