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Hi, this is just a test post for claiming the blog from Technorati –¬†DTKSJ8UT3HQT . Thanks     Header Content [one_third][table id=4 /][/one_third][one_third_last][table id=4 /][/one_third_last] [two_third][table id=4 /][/two_third][two_third_last][table id=4 /][/two_third_last]   Form Factor[one_half]FormFactor[table id=4 /][/one_half][one_half_last]Display[table id=4 /][/one_half_last]         [one_third][table id=4 /][/one_third][two_third][table id=4 /][/two_third]   [table id=3 /]           […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII – Wireless Charging rumored

Samsung Galaxy SIII As the days near the Galaxy SIII launch, more and more rumors are starting to spread and this time we have something completely. Apart from the round of bezel-less screen rumors to the quad-core rumors, there has been nothing special with the Galaxy SIII until today when we had a completely different […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update India

Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update India

Today morning, Samsung Mobiles had tweeted that the official ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S2 is being rolled out now. The first wave of the updates has hit the countries like Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Korea where it was available through both Samsung Kies and OTA. The next wave is expected to hit the other […]

Samsung releases ICS 4.0.3 OTA for Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update Many times in this month we have been hearing about the ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S2 officially rolling out from Samsung, but it is true only now. Earlier in the day, Samsung users were able to update their Galaxy S2 to the much awaited ICS. The ICS update from […]

Gorilla Glass 2 to be the next generation display protector

Gorilla Glass 2

  Over the past year, one of the major things about the smartphone is their display. The displays are getting better and better with the amount of pixels filling the small screens. It is not about the screen alone. A major factor that has been influencing the displays is the protection used for the displays […]

Top Ten Gadgets to expect in 2012

In terms of technological advancements, 2011 was a hell of a year. We saw the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Nexus, the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Well, 2012 will be no less. We have lots of expectations on what we are about to get. Here is a random list […]

Asus Transformer Prime – The Tablet of the Year

Asus Transformer Prime

Asus Transformer Prime The Transformer changed the way the people looked at tablets and now the Transformer Prime is here to make sure that the people get a feeling of laptop on their tablet itself. The Asus Transformer Prime is the first tablet to be running on the NVidia Tegra 3 QuadCore chip and it […]

Why LG Optimus P500 is the best buy for Rs10000?

LG Optimus P500

LG Optimus P500 One of the most common doubts that people have when buying a phone is that is there a better phone for the same price range. The most obvious budget for a phone would be Rs10000 and there are quite a lot of phones that one can get in that budget. The LG […]

Android Vs iOS – Which is better?

Android Vs iOS

Android Vs iOS Unless you have been hibernating under the rocks for the past of couple years, you will surely know about the confusion that people face when they have to choose the winner between Android Vs iOS. Both are truly powerful mobile operating systems with much of the support for the touch screens. Android […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Preview

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Last year in September, Samsung announced its Galaxy Tab to be the iPad competitor and it came out well. It was based mostly on the specifications on the Galaxy S ¬†Samsung mobile. Now it is time for round two and we have already seen Apple release the iPad2. Now its Samsung’s […]