Facebook Messenger takes on Whatsapp

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Facebook Messenger is one of the few apps that has not been for its use though it is from the most popular Social Network on the planet. In a drastic move to take on text messaging, Facebook has updated its Messenger application and it no longer requires your Facebook account to use it. In other words, it is yet another competitor to Whatsapp.

Facebook Messenger

Just like Whatsapp, the updated Facebook Messenger will just ask your Name and Phone number if you do not have a Facebook account. It will scan through your contacts and find out people using Facebook Messenger(again like Whatsapp). SMS is recently facing a lot of legal regulations in India and new messaging apps like are on the constant rise. Whatsapp has done an excellent job to get to the throne of the messaging applications and it has been there for sometime now. There are lots of other competitors like Kakao Talk, WeChat, Samsung ChatOn, Blackberry BBM and Apple’s iOS. Apple and Blackberry have restricted the access of their messaging clients to their own products. Facebook Messenger will not be restricted to any domain though.

Facebook Messenger is not the best of messaging applications around as the delivery is not on time and it lacks a lot of cool features like its competitors. In order to catch up to the competition, Facebook has to improve its Messenger app by a long margin. Will the competitors inspire Facebook to make a better Messenger? What do you think?

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Facebook Messenger takes on Whatsapp, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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