First Tizen devices to come from Samsung

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Since Nokia abandoned MeeGo, Samsung adopted MeeGo and combined it with their Bada project. The new resultant operating system was called Tizen. Samsung has been working on a Tizen device for sometime now and we could see the first Tizen phone very soon. Samsung is partnering with NTT DoCoMo to build the Tizen OS as a competitor for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Samsung Tizen phone

Samsung’s plans for Tizen are big. Tizen was originally planned by Samsung and Intel, but it looks like Samsung is in the driver’s seat now. Tizen OS is aimed to be much more open that Google’s Android(which is also “open”). Tizen is not just meant for smartphones, but a wide variety of devices. The Tizen OS is expected to run on Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and car infotainment systems.

In 2012, Tizen Development Conference was held and Samsung handed a Tizen development device for the developers. The device featured a 4.3inch display of 1024×720 pixels and ran on a dual-core ARM processor. In May 2012, we saw a video of the Tizen OS. It was very similar to the TouchWiz UI on top of Android. There was a similar notification bar and a power widget. Samsung is not planning to invent something new, but is trying to go with something that has been proved and accepted.

With CES 2013 and MWC 2013 nearing, we could see a Tizen powered smartphone from Samsung at either of these events. What do you think of the Tizen OS? Will it “even” compete with Android?

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