Gorilla Glass 2 to be the next generation display protector

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Gorilla Glass 2

Over the past year, one of the major things about the smartphone is their display. The displays are getting better and better with the amount of pixels filling the small screens. It is not about the screen alone. A major factor that has been influencing the displays is the protection used for the displays and the most famous one is the Corning Gorilla Glass. It was a wide spread phenomenon among the smartphone and tablet users. Gorilla glass combines great strength with great visibility thanks to a chemical combination and now Corning is all ready to reveal its sequel – The Corning Gorilla Glass 2. If you thought the Gorilla Glass 2 would match the Gorilla in terms of strength, you would be wrong. Instead, the company has decided to make the already strong screen thinner by about 20% thereby making the images more brighter and the screen even more touch responsive.

The Corning Gorilla Glass 2 could have a much wider range than its predecessor. The Gorilla Glass was seen mostly on smartphones and tablets. But while the company spoke about Gorilla Glass 2, the words that kept repeating were “Microsoft” and “Windows” which meaning that we would see the new thinner Gorilla Glass 2 in laptops and ultrabooks. Come CES 2012, we will know what we are in for.

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