HTC Wildfire

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HTC Wildfire

HTC Corporation is a smartphone specialist as we all know it. The smartphone giant has been busy producing high end smartphones all the while. It takes a break from producing high end phones and takes a shot at producing low end phones. That is the reason we have the HTC Wildfire. It is an entry range Android phone that is a virtually shrunk down version of the HTC Desire. The HTC Desire has been shrunk down in all terms – its processing speed, smaller in size and hence the reduced price. HTC has been able to handle the Android OS well along with its HTC Sense UI. Despite its catchy name, HTC Wildfire fails to catch the attention of the people.

HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire

Build and Construction

Compactness was the first thing that the designers thought about when designing the HTC Wildfire handset. The results of compactness are the following measurements – 106.8 x 60.4 x 12 mm. With a wide color range, HTC Wildfire is aimed at making a name among both the male and female customers. With a solid weight of 118gms, HTC Wildfire gives the feel of a high end phone and gives the impression of being closer to the HTC Desire. The phone does not have killer looks, but is solidly built to give a feeling of class.

HTC WildfireThe front face of HTC Wildfire is quite simple, but vivid because of the three colors. There is an earpiece at the top along with proximity sensor and status LED. Then a 3.2”inch screen occupies the place and is surrounded by a black color. Then below the screen are the four touch sensitive keys – launcher, menu, back and search key. These keys are touch sensitive and that is innovation from HTC. Below these keys is the optical joystick that is of little use. The optical joystick is placed in a slightly brown color background. Then below that is the grey colored part of the device. The right side of HTC Wildfire has nothing and that gives the phone a classy look. The top of the phone has a screen lock key on the right side top and a 3.5mm jack on the left side, but towards the back. The left side of the phone has the volume rocker and an unexposed mini USB port. The bottom of the phone has only the mouthpiece. The back of HTC Wildfire has a 5MP camera that has a speaker to its left and LED flash to its right side. The battery cover on removal reveals a 1300mAh battery and a hot swappable micro SD card.

HTC Wildfire has a solid feel and that is because of the solid weight. The low resolution QVGA of the 3.2”inch screen is 240×320 pixels and that is the lowest that an Android phone can have. The display resolution of HTC Wildfire is quite bad and becomes a major drawback for the phone. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass and that protects it from scratches. The touch response is quite good and the touch sensitive keys below the screen work seamlessly.

HTC Wildfire

Features and Specification

HTC Wildfire



The HTC Wildfire runs on a 528MHz ARM 11 processor and is fueled by a sufficiently higher amount of RAM which is 384MB. There is a very sufficient 512MB internal memory and that comes in very handy when storing the apps. The HTC Sense and Android have combined well so far, but have faltered this time because of the lack of proper display. There is micro SD card support up to 32GB. The battery that is a 1300mAh one and fails to impress. It is definitely not of the long lasting ones. HTC have missed the trick on HTC Wildfire with poor battery and poor display and it ends up being a poor performing one among HTC phones.

Android OS

HTC Wildfire runs on the Android 2.1 Éclair. With the HTC Sense UI, the interface is great and that is why the phone feels good to use. The touch response is amazing and that is mainly because of the capacitive touchscreen. With support from the Google Android Market, one can easily get apps for all needs and kinds. With so many built in Google apps, there is absolute fun. There are lots of options for widgets and customizability to download from the Market. The HTC Sense UI provides lots of options for customizability and with support from Android Market; it would be really making a great combination. The Sense previews are great. With a pinch out from a home screen, all the home screens are shown in miniature version and tapping on a home screen takes us to that screen.

HTC Wildfire

Music Player


Music is just great in HTC Wildfire. The similar music player offers great features and there is nothing new that we see. The now playing is great in looks, but in terms of functionality, it lacks various features. The image gallery is great, but it lacks the 3D image gallery that is found in the Froyo running phones. The photos are neatly arranged into albums and folders. The multi-touch feature is a great feature in the gallery. Pinch to zoom is superb and great fun to use. The video player is a disappointment. The phone’s video player can play only 3GP and MP4 movies and that too only 240×320 videos. FM radio with a pretty simple interface is a welcome addition.


The Wildfire is short of nothing in connectivity terms. The phone has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and GPS along with A-GPS. With Wi-Fi, the phone is a complete internet package. Bluetooth file transfers are now possible. The internet browser is quite amazing. With multi-touch, browsing is so easy and comfortable. The browser supports flash. This is one of those few entry range phones to have support for Flash. Tabbed browsing also possible making it possible to do more than one thing at a time.  The GPS works like a charm and thanks to A-GPS, the accuracy is quite good. Google Maps is the GPS client and it does its job very well in the HTC Widlfire.

HTC Wildfire

Photo Album


The 5MP camera of HTC Wildfire coming with a LED flash is great. The maximum resolutions of the pictures captured by this 5MP snapper are 2592×1936 pixels. Thanks to Android, Wildfire’s camera UI has a lot of options to choose from. There is even support for ISO setting and that shows the amount of power that Android OS gives to the hands of the users. The user friendliness with the camera is questionable part and HTC has to work better to make sure that the users do not regret it. The video quality is bad. This has become a trend with phones these days. Despite high resolution cameras, the phone is not able to record videos properly and that is clearly shown here. The CIF videos(352×288 pixels) have a frame rate of 15fps and that pulls the HTC Wildfire a step back.

HTC Wildfire

Box Contents

  • Phone
  • Travel Charger
  • USB Data Cable
  • Earphones


HTC Wildfire

Sense Preview

Why you should get HTC Wildfire?

  1. Stylish and Solid built with superb finish
  2. Good 5MP camera
  3. Android OS 2.1 with HTC Sense UI
  4. Multi-touch
  5. All round connectivity
  6. Great Internet Browser
  7. Value for Money

Why you should not get HTC Wildfire?

  1. Very poor display
  2. Expensive despite its Value for Money
  3. No Secondary Camera
  4. Very poor Video recording

HTC Wildfire – Final Scores

Build Quality
Value for Money


If you want to get a touchscreen from HTC with Android OS around Rs11000, then it has to be HTC Wildfire.

If you are planning for getting just an Android phone around Rs11000, there are better options other than the HTC Wildfire and the best would be LG Optimus P500 .

HTC have released an upgraded version of Wildfire called HTC Wildfire S.

HTC Wildfire would have been a great Android phone a year ago.

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