iOS 5.1 Beta Code reveals support for Quad-Core A6 Processor

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iOS5.1Apple has released the iOS 5.1 Beta Code and the developers have found that the code has support for Quad-Core devices. 2012 is expected to be the year when the Quad-Core chips make their debut on smartphones and tablets. The Asus Transformer Prime is one of the first devices to be on the quad-core processor. One of the highly anticipated Quad-Core chips is the Apple’s A6 chip. The information has been released thanks to a couple of images in which there are indications that the count of the processor’s is 4. The reference in the image “/cores/core.3 ” clearly indicates that Apple is planning to release its next set of iDevices with Quad-Core processing power. The year 2012 will highly make an impact as there will lots of quad-core processor based smartphones and tablets among which Apple is expected to be at the top.

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