iPod Touch 4G – Ownership review by Monish

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iPod Touch 4G Ownership Review by Monish

iPod Touch 4G
iPod Touch 4G

Hi guys. This is my ownership review of the iPod Touch 4G. A few months ago, I was given a choice to either choose a phone for Rs15000 or go for the iPod Touch. I went for the phone and Sony Xperia Mini Pro was my choice. I and my dad even went to the shop for buying it and thank goodness stocks were not available. Then I decided to wait and got an iPod Touch 3G. After selling that out, I went on to purchase iPod Touch 4G. I bought it on November 11th 2010 for Rs14000.

On unpacking and starting the iPod Touch, the first thing one would notice is the Retina display. It is surely the best display till date because of the sharpness of the image and crispness of the text. The brightness of iPod Touch’s RETINA display is too good and even now, I find that 30% brightness is more than enough unless under direct sun. Then comes the slim design which makes the iPod Touch fit easily on one’s hand. I wonder how the retina display continues to impress me even after 8 months. It is truly amazing.

iPod Touch 4G

As a part of the review, I will mention the things that I liked about the iPod Touch and a very few things that I did not like.

Things I liked about my iPod Touch 4

iPod Touch 4G

Top View

1. Retina Display

This is the first thing that one would notice about the iPod Touch 4G. Crystal clear photos and crisp text are surely a delight. This retina display takes gaming to a whole new level with superb graphics. It never continues to amaze me how such graphics are produced with such a small device. Browsing the web is also quite superb because of the crispness of the text.

2. Slim Design

The iPod Touch is so slim and the looks are stunning. The back is made of stainless steel material and the finish is so superb that it equals a mirror in its reflecting capabilities. The volume rocker is quite good to use. The home button is rightly placed as in all Apple products and the feedback that one gets after pressing it is awesome.

iPod Touch 4G

Side View

3. Music

Oh this is an iPod, right! The music of iPod Touch is simply superb. The music player is really awesome. What I love to do is to flick through the albums when in landscape orientation. This makes selecting songs a real fun. These are some of the features that will never fail to impress you. The Apple earphones that I got are lost now and I use Senheisser PMX60 earphones and it suits the iPod Touch perfectly.

4. Gaming

Handheld gaming can never be more fun. There are games under every category and none of the games are really boring because of the touch interface. Each type of game is unique. The racing games are a real treat for a gamer because the gamer can use the iPod as a steering wheel for steering the car inside the game. The touch games are simply addicting and total fun. Accelerometer based games are surely a complete dream come true for any gamer. Games as big as 1GB are also available. This goes to show the level of detailing that has gone into the games.

iPod Touch 4G5. Camera

This is the main reason that I bought an iPod Touch 4G for. There are two cameras – one at the back and the other at front. The front camera can be used for video call either with Facetime or Skype. The back camera is quite superb because it is able to record 720p HD videos at amazing clarity. I even shot a short film with this camera and it came out superbly. The photos look great when seen in the iPod because of the retina display. I use the front camera basically for makeup before going out somewhere.

6. iOS

The iOS is what that makes the iPod Touch desirable. The touch response is quite amazing and it never gets stuck. The touch response is flawless throughout and the ease with which we can flick through the screen is awesome. Be it while pinching the photos for zooming or flicking through the albums, the multi touch always impresses. Support for multitasking allows you to do multiple things at the same time. Keep Facebook app open and chat with someone and at the same time you can play your favorite game. All this can be done while listening to your favorite track.

My earphones were worn out within six months of purchase and that worried me. But when I went to the iStore for claiming warranty, the fellows at the iStore were so good and their service was quite impressive. They changed those earphones and handed me a new pair as a part of warranty. Apple is Apple.

iPod Touch 4G

Without the negatives, the review will be incomplete.

iPod Touch 4G1. Limited Space

The iPod Touch comes in three versions -8GB, 32GB and 64GB. I got the 32GB one while my friend got a 8GB one. He finds it very hard to fit his music, videos and games.

2. Connectivity

The iPod Touch without Wi-Fi is not as useful. It can be used for gaming and music always, but to stay updated on the go is tough.

3. Too Costly

Paying Rs15000 for a music player sounds a little odd.

I love the iPod Touch so much. Till now I have never ever regretted about buying this. I surely am glad I got this instead of Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro. If you already own a phone and want something with extra features, then there is nothing to stop you from getting an iPod Touch. If you want a complete phone, then this is not the one for you.

My Rating of iPod Touch

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Value for Money
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iPod Touch 4G - Ownership review by Monish, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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