LG bidding farewell to Windows Phones to focus on Android

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Despite how beautiful Windows Phones can be, let us agree that they have not met with much success yet. The Windows Phones have not reached the people as Microsoft would have liked. Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG are some of the top manufacturers of Windows Phones and needless to say the special relationship between Nokia and Microsoft. There has not been much success for the manufacturers with WP phones when compared with the Android phones. LG comes out first out of the Windows Phones race as it has announced that it has no immediate plans for any new Windows Phones in the recent future.

LG has made this decision so that they will be able to concentrate on their Android Series. This was a correct decision. Lets face it, LG have not had much success with Android either. So it is not wise for them to mix up their line up with both Windows and Android phones. Dropping the Windows Phones would let them concentrate on their Android line up better.

So we will not be seeing Windows Phones from LG for sometime now.

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