No new iPads at MacWorld

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iPadYesterday we mentioned that Apple is all set to release a couple of new iPads along with the existing one. But looks like we all were fooled by the news from DigiTimes. One thing that seemed doubtful about yesterday’s rumor was that it had mentioned that Apple would be releasing its iPad pair in the MacWorld event. Apple has not been to the event since 2009 and it will not be going this year too. Today’s news about no iPad during January comes from The Loop. Also when the rumors come, they come with the new accessories for these iDevices. But this time around, we have not seen anything and it is getting very less likely that Apple plans to release its iPad next month. One strange thing about Apple is that we will not have any idea what it has in store for us and only Apple will be releasing trusted information. We will have to wait until Apple makes any such announcements.

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