Nokia 5800 – User Review by RaviShankar

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Nokia 5800 – User Review by Ravi Shankar

Nokia 5800Nokia 5800, the mobile which I had for such a long time (around 2 years). I had exchanged my Nokia N96 to get this Nokia 5800. Nokia 5800 simply has the best resistive touch I have ever handled. It supports 16M colors in 3.2″ screen. It also has a sensor for auto rotate and auto off or snoozing of alarms. Handwriting recognition is an enabled feature that everyone would love. The phone brings the best sound quality with stereo speakers in Nokia touch series phones ever. It contains about 80MB of internal memory with 128MB RAM. 3G speeds can go up to 3 Mbps. It has WiFi enabled with UPnP technology. The Nokia 5800 also sports a 3.2 MP camera with autofocus Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash. It also supports Video capturing in VGA mode with 30fps. Video call is supported with a secondary VGA camera in the front. Symbian OS v9.4 ie s60 v5 (Symbian^1) is the Operating system present. It has MIDP 2.1 Java supporting Java applications. It has Built in Realplayer, GPS and Photo editing app. Nokia 5800 supports audio of formats MP3, WAV,AAC and video formats MP4,H.264, 3gp, 3g2. Nokia 5800 houses a typical BL-5J Li-ion 1320 mAh battery.

Nokia 5800

Things I loved about my Nokia 5800

1. Touch
As mentioned earlier, Nokia 5800 has one of the best TFT resistive touchscreens. The touch is so responsive that you feel you are using a capacitive touchscreen phone. Apps from OVI store makes the touch more fun with games and swype inputs.
2. Music
Stereo speakers of Nokia 5800 blasts the audience unless you have songs with such bitrates. Your favorite song in earphones with full volume will surely make you the KING of this world. There are various music apps in the Ovi store that enable you to get the lyrics of a song quite easily.
Nokia 58003.Battery
If you keep the phone idle, the battery keeps the phone alive or up to 3 days. With frequent usage like listening to music and talking, I bet it will stand for 1 and half to 2 days provided you do not discharge the battery often.
Videos can be viewed in full screen on Nokia 5800 with perfect quality provided its in mp4 format and in the 16:9 aspect ratio.  With earphones you can enjoy the theatre effects.
Nokia 58005.Photo editor
Unlike other mobiles, photos can be edited as soon as you capture it. Things like changing sharpness, contrast, cropping, brightness,etc can be done quite easily.
6.Contacts bar
The best and most favorite feature of every Nokia 5800 user is the Contacts Bar. You can add your favorite and frequently using contacts at your home screen. Need not go to phonebook everytime for messaging or calling.
7.Ovi Store
Ovi store allows you to download a lot of games and apps. There are various games that use the sensor and give a realistic effect. Some popular apps are Brightlight( Use of flash as backlight), Swype Input (The exclusive feature of android), iSMS(Messages as conversation), lots more…

Things I did not like about my Nokia 5800

Nokia 58001.Call recording

When a call is in progress, there is no option to record it directly. One has to go to application, then select recording and the clicking the record option and only then the recording starts. This is very much inconvenient as it takes nearly a couple of minutes to record a call.

The main setback for the Nokia 5800 is its camera. At night times if flash is ON, over brightness getting dumped in the lens making the image captured to be too bright and not clear. Image is clear only if the back cover is removed before taking the picture. Another main drawback is that capture tone. It can never be switched OFF or made silent. Everytime a photo is taken, shutter sounds come up and that can be quite irritating.
3.Pen Stylus
Frequent use of Stylus makes the stylus holder loose and chances of losing the stylus increases. Better avoid using stylus often.
Nokia 5800
Believe it or not, I have dropped my 5800 for nearly 5 times, but not even a single scratch is on my screen yet. Scratches are taken by back cover and screen is intended for being safe from scratches.

Build Quality
Value for Money
My Rating

– Regards, Ravi Shankar

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This is the user review of his Nokia 5800 and the scores are provided by him.

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