Nokia 700 : Time to comeback

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Nokia 700

Nokia had recently announced four Symbian phones running on Symbian OS and the Nokia 700 (aka Zeta) was one among them. Rather than running on the recently released Symbian Anna, it will be running on an even newly update Symbian Belle. Nokia has managed to be very silent about its four Symbian phones and it has only revealed that all these four phone will be packing a 1GHz processor. Nokia 700

Nokia 700 – What to expect?

The main aim of the Nokia 700 will be to help Nokia regain the lost grounds in the smartphone race. Nokia had fallen well out of the race in the past couple of years because of the competitors like Samsung, HTC, LG. The Nokia 700 has a 3.2″inch AMOLED display that sports a resolution of 640×360. It also runs on a 1GHz processor and runs on the Symbian Belle OS. It comes with a couple of cameras – 5MP at the back and a VGA camera in the front for video calling. The dimensions of the phone are 110x51x10mm making it a very compact and easy to use touch phone that just weighs 80grams. The phone has all the connectivity features and has NFC enabled.Nokia 700

Nokia 700 – When to expect?

One thing that Nokia have failed to do in the recent years is to release a phone at the right time. This time Nokia should not risk releasing the phone too late. This may cause the interested people to move away. Also Nokia have been aiming at making a comeback in the affordable smartphone range and hence the price of the Nokia 700  is expected to be around Rs13000.

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