Nokia C2-02 : Slide and Touch

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Nokia C2-02

Nokia have been out of the smartphone race for quite sometime now and at least they have the entry range phones to attract the consumers. Nokia have played it safe with the entry range phones and the Nokia C2-02 is the first of the C2 trio that will have a lot of buyers. The cute little phone has slide along with touch screen that is sure to have a lot of fans. Lets take a look at what this small budget feature phone offers.

Nokia C2-02

Nokia C2-02 – Design, Build and Construction

Being a feature phone, the Nokia C2-02 is small and perfect for the hands. The Nokia C2-02 measures 103 x 51.4 x 17 mm and weighs a perfect 115 grams. The resistive  touch screen will not impress the folks, but the slide will be doing the task of impressing. The Nokia C2-02 has clean and simple design, but nothing expensive or extraordinary to attract the people. The rounded finish and a false metal at the bottom adds some flavor to the phone.

Nokia C2-02The front of the Nokia C2-02 has an average 2.6″inch resistive touchscreen. There is no ambient sensor nor the proximity sensor. Only the earpiece is above the  display and below the display are the call and end buttons. These keys are on the same level as that of the plastic surrounding it and that makes it sometimes odd to use, but it will not be a problem after some days. Then when the phone is slid, there are 12 keys and they are the regular keys on a typical phone. The keys are almost flat, but typing is reasonably fast. The right side of the Nokia C2-02 has the screen lock key and also the volume rocker. Then on the top is the 3.5mm jack for media requirements, the microUSB port and the Nokia pin for charging. The left side of the Nokia C2-02 is completely bare and the bottom has the mouth piece. On the back of the Nokia C2-02 is the 2MP camera and a speaker grill to the right of it. Beneath the back is the 1020mAh battery that has enough juice to keep the phone running for a couple of days. The microSD card is under the battery and so it is not hot swappable.

The overall build quality of Nokia C2-02 is decent for a phone that comes under Rs4500. There is a faux metal on the bottom and that adds quality to the phone. The Nokia C2-02 feels very comfortable to hold on and not being slim is a let down. The Nokia C2-02 is solid all the way though it is prone to scratches and fingerprints, but the phone sure is very durable and long lasting.

Nokia C2-02 – Features and Specifications

1. Specification and User Interface

Being a Series S40 phone, there is nothing much to brag about in the Nokia C2-02. The Nokia C2-02 has a new generation Series S40 looks and the icons are looking like the Symbian Anna. The touch interface makes it very easy for the users to navigate with ease around the options. There are quite a lot of shortcut options and good swiping features. Because of the absence of a physical D-Pad, there is a virtual D-Pad on the bottom of the screen with customization options. The new UI is sure to be more easy thanks to the touch screen.

2. Media

Nokia C2-02The budget phone as it is, the Nokia C2-02, does not have the best of music world. The music player is not up to the mark. The music player in Nokia C2-02 is the same as in other phones and it has got support for touch screen. Navigation is difficult in the music player and when not  in the Now Playing menu, it is impossible to change the song nor even pause it. The audio quality is just decent and that is what one would get out of a phone that costs Rs4500. There is also the FM Radio with RDS which is quite a very good addition to the phone. The video player is not great either, it can handle only 3GP and MP4 formats. The image gallery is plain old one except for the fact that it has support for the touch interface. Kinetic scrolling makes the image gallery better.

3. Camera

Nokia C2-02The Nokia C2-02 packs a 2MP camera and that can produce images with resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. Because of the Touchscreen, the camera UI is similar to the one that we find on Symbian phones. There are some options on the screen, but the usability is nowhere when compared to the droids. The quality of the photos is quite nice and that is the reason that the 2MP impresses. The noise is reduced thanks to the post processing work. Video recording is just for sake of video recording. It produces videos at CIF quality at 15fps.

4. Connectivity

Nokia C2-02Being a entry range phone, there is nothing much that we can expect. There is no Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and all. What is worse is that the Nokia C2-02 wont charge off USB which is quintessential these days. But the browser is quite good and that shows the work that Nokia are putting into the entry range phones.

Box Contents

  • Nokia C2-02 Phone
  • Travel Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2GB micro SD Card
  • Earphones
Why you should get the Nokia C2-02?
  • Very affordable
  • Touch and Slide
  • Good 2MP Camera
Why you should not get the Nokia C2-02?
  • Poor Display
  • No connectivity
  • Doesn’t charge off USB
  • No screen brightness adjustment
The scores of Nokia C2-02
Build Quality
Value for Money
Bottomline : Nokia C2-02 is a great buy for Rs4500
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