Nokia C6

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Nokia C6

Nokia is the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones and there is no doubt in that. There are so many phones from Nokia every year and most of them are very popular among the people. Nokia C6 is a Symbian powered sliding QWERTY mobile phone. It has been very popular prior to its release because of the features that it offers at affordable prices. Once the phone was released, Nokia lovers went ahead and purchased it and others decided to wait. It is one of the entry range smartphones and basically a Nokia N97 clone with a much less price tag.

Nokia C6

Nokia C6

The main purpose of Nokia C6 is texting. Featuring an excellent QWERTY keyboard, it performs its task of creating messages perfectly. The main thing that seems to hold Nokia C6 back is the outdated Symbian OS. Many people may argue saying that Symbian was the first smartphone OS, yes I agree to that, but trust me it is outdated. Even with very useful touch based input methods like Swype, people find it very hard to replace the mechanical QWERTY and that is what keeps the spirit of Nokia C6 alive.

Design and Build

As said, Nokia C6 resembles N97 in its looks and features. And when the slider is closed, it is tough to distinguish it from the famous Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. The front of Nokia C6 is very simple and appealing enough for a smartphone with a touch screen. Nokia C6 feels very comfortable to hold on. The 3.2”inch nHD display (360×640 pixels) that features resistive touch is what is employed in this phone despite the better performing capacitive touchscreen being available. The Nokia C6 is not that big with measurements of 113x53x16.8 mm, but weighs a bulky 150gms.

Nokia C6The front side of Nokia C6 has a secondary camera at the top that comes in handy for a video call. There are ambient and proximity sensors placed on the either side of the earpiece to make the top look a little crowded. Below the screen are the usual keys that one would find on any Nokia touch phone. The left key is the green colored one for attending a call. The next central one is the menu button and the last one on the right is for canceling a call. The keys are placed horizontally along the phone unlike Nokia N97 in which the menu key was placed at an angle of 45 degrees providing easier access when the phone is open. The right side of the phone has the volume rocker at the top, followed by the screen lock key and then the shutter key for camera. The top of the phone is less crowded with the covered mini USB port and a 3.5mm jack for all the media needs. The left side of the phone has a covered micro SD slot and not keeping it under the battery shows the maturity of the manufacturing giant. The bottom features the mouth piece along with the charger pin and lanyard eyelet. The back of the phone is quite full with a 5MP shooter along with LED flash and speaker. The battery cover of Nokia C6 looks good and under it is the 1200mAh battery.

The four row QWERTY keyboard of Nokia C6 is really a delight for the people who text a lot. When Nokia C6 is slid, the screen does not tilt up as it does on the N97 twins, but it is still legible to type on. The keys are placed side by side with little space, but not flat making the keyboard a comfortable one to use. Unlike the Nokia N97 mini, it features a D-Pad for navigational purposes and it’s the first time, we are seeing innovation from Nokia by placing the D-Pad on the right side rather than the left side like what we saw in Nokia N97. The backlight for the keys is spread out evenly so that texting is not different in the dark.

Nokia C6

Features and Specifications


Nokia C6Like its touchscreen siblings, Nokia C6 runs on the same old 434 MHz ARM 11 processor and that sets the phone back. The Symbian OS 9.4 Series 60 is another step backwards for the phone with the same old home screen. But what comes out good is that the 434MHz processor is compensated by the Symbian OS. There are not many applications in Symbian that can give the processor a run for its money, so it is not a point to worry about. The display of Nokia C6 is something to cheer about. Though it comes with resistive touch, the screen is a high resolution one supporting a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. Since its Nokia, the options for Applications are from the Ovi Store. Nokia C6 supports a lot of social networks apps like Facebook, Twitter. Though the Ovi store is well equipped, it has got a long way to go in order to catch up with App Store and Android Market.


The 5MP camera at the back of Nokia C6 is quite an impressive one. With LED flash, it guarantees great photos even in low light. The camera produces images with a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels and the quality is good in sunlight. Nokia has not meddled with the camera interface and it remains the same way that it was in the Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800. The camera is great, but the functionality is not that great. Android phones with 2MP cameras have more options. But that is Nokia for you. Luckily geo tagging seems to be an option that Nokia finds it hard to omit. Video recording is comparatively better. It offers video recording at 30fps at VGA resolution and that is something we have not seen from Nokia yet.


Nokia C6The music part of Nokia C6 is not that pleasing either. The headphones that come with this smartphone are a complete junk. They are the worst if ever from Nokia and unless Nokia changes them, it is just going to lose valuable customers. The audio quality of Nokia C6 is not that great, but you have to settle for “something is better than nothing”. The gallery is well optimized for the touch screen. It is not the best, but Nokia has its own way. Because there is no multi-touch, zooming a picture is controlled by the volume rocker or the slider that appears on screen. The images take their toll on the processor and hence even the smallest of images take a lot of time to load. Videos look better thanks to the high resolution screen and the default player does not support Divx videos. The FM radio along with RDS is a useful addition.


Nokia has definitely not compromised anything in the connectivity section in Nokia C6. The phone has excellent connectivity features with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and GPS with A-GPS. The internet browser of Nokia C6 is quite decent, but falls way behind the iPhone’s Safari and Android browsers in terms of user friendliness. Those who have not used iPhones and Android phones are sure to love its browser. And here comes the best part – free voice guided navigation for lifetime. It is indeed great fun to use the GPS system to find a location and I personally feel that Nokia maps are little better than Google Maps on the handheld devices. Finding a place is a joy with this phone and the GPS works to perfection. Support for HSDPA is great too.

Nokia C6

Nokia C6Box Contents

  • Nokia C6 Phone
  • Travel Charger
  • USB Data Cable
  • Earphones
  • A quick start guide


Why you should get Nokia C6?

  1. If you are a Nokia lover, this phone will suit you
  2. Comfortable QWERTY
  3. Good connectivity
  4. Nokia Maps with Voice Guided navigation free for lifetime

Why you should not get a Nokia C6?

  1. Outdated Symbian OS
  2. Very slow processor
  3. Poor sunlight legibility of the screen
  4. Hangs often because of Symbian
  5. Very poor quality earphones
  6. No Value for Money
  7. Doesn’t charge off USB (This is a must these days)
  8. Poor Touch interface
  9. No camera lens protector

Nokia C6 – Final Scores

Build Quality
Value for Money


Clearly the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Buy this phone only if you are in love with it and for Nokia’s simplicity. Else there are a lot of Android phones with much better features at similar price.

Nokia C6 is for the Nokia lovers.

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