Nokia Maps for Android and iOS

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Nokia Maps

Recently Nokia announced that its OVI maps will be available for its Windows Phones. Also, the users of Android and iPhone will not be left behind. Nokia’s software company have used HTML 5 to create a website that will be accessible on Android and iOS devices. Once the users visit the website., they will be able to see the Nokia OVI maps just like they do when they open the Maps app in Nokia phones. The Nokia Maps website provide the same functionality as on Nokia phones.

Nokia Maps – The Usability

Nokia MapsThe Nokia Maps website is developed based on HTML 5 so that it is accessible across most of the devices. The URL of the Nokia Maps website is The website asks for access to GPS to track the current location of the user and help him navigate. With the help of the routing feature in the website, the user is able to find directions to any place. There are various routing options that include walking, driving and also public transport. Also the feature that will really impress the users is that the user can choose to download the maps and keep them for offline usage. This will be a real delight as they can save their data charges every time they need to find a location. The people at Nokia are really working at a fast pace to give competition to Google Maps which has been by far the lone runner and winner.

Nokia Maps – The Future

This is just the first step and it is still in Beta version. The iOS and Android users finally have something to look forward to for their offline navigation needs. The usability on iOS is better as it supports multi touch zoom while the Android users have to double tap their screens in order to zoom. The Nokia Maps is surely something Nokia is willingly to give up for popularity.

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