Nokia N8

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Nokia N8

Camera has always been an important part of a mobile phone. However, some phones have been designed keeping in mind only the high resolution camera. Nokia N8 is definitely among them. With a 12MP camera and LED flash, one cannot ask for a better camera in a mobile phone. Nokia had been pushed aside in the smartphone race by the rise of the droids. Hence Nokia came up with something like a 12MP camera to get back into competition. Nokia N8 seems to be a favorite for the photographers because of its high resolution 12MP camera. Instead of going for the high performance CPUs and plenty of RAM, Nokia has decided to upgrade the camera. It has given the Nokia N8 other features such as HDMI and USB on the go. Nokia has not built Nokia N8 to become competitive with the iPhone 4 or Galaxy S, but to make it the best camera phone. In that attempt, Nokia has been able to succeed thanks to the excellent 12MP camera among its various other products.

Nokia N8

Nokia N8

Build and Construction

Nokia N8 gives the look of a solid touch screen phone. The phone looks appealing enough for a smartphone. The premium quality build and appealing finishing adds to the appeal of the camera phone. Solid build comes at a hefty weight of 135gms. For a screen of that size, Nokia N8 seems a little big and that is because of the material surrounding the phone. The phone has been fitted with Aluminum on its sides and also the back. The Aluminum body gives the Nokia N8 its weigh and classy finish.

Nokia N8The front of Nokia N8 feels the solidness of the aluminum finish. The 3.5”inch AMOLED screen occupies most of the space on the front. The slanting top and bottom portions make the phone quite comfortable to hold and use. Above the display, we find the video call camera on the right side top. Then the proximity sensors and ambient sensor take up their place on the top. An earpiece is placed at the center. At the bottom, we have the mouthpiece towards the right side. And then there is the menu button. Nokia has managed to eliminate the other buttons like Call and End-call. A hardware button for back would have been a great addition though. The top of the phone is full with the covered HDMI port at the center and it is flanked by audio jack on the left side and power button on the right side. The left side of the phone has a couple of card slots – micro SD and SIM card slot. Then there is the exposed mini USB port. The bottom of the phone has the Nokia charger pin. The right side of the phone has volume rocker. Then there is the screen lock button followed by the camera shutter key. The 12MP camera on the back of Nokia N8 does come with a mechanical protective shutter. There is a Xenon flash next to the camera. Beneath the battery cover is the 1200mAh battery that lasts long. The users cannot remove the battery though and that seems to be a disappointment.

The overall build quality of Nokia N8 is great. The strong aluminum cover has been of great use to save the phone from physical abuse. The capacitive touchscreen of Nokia N8 is very sensitive. The vibration feedback is great and perfectly suited to blend with the phone. Nokia N8 has been greatly designed to be slim. The Nokia N8 lacks a physical back key and a user replaceable battery. Because of the aluminum, the phone feels very solid to hold onto. Operating a touchscreen phone with such solid build quality can be real fun.

Nokia N8

Features and Specification

Nokia N8



Nokia N8 does not boost of a great processor, but it is well equipped with 680MHz ARM 11 processor. Since Symbian is a very good user of the phone’s resources, the 680MHz processor seems to be a sufficient one. The RAM amount is quite decent and is 256MB. Then internal ROM is 512MB. With an internal storage of 16GB, the phone also supports micro SD cards up to 32GB. There is also a GPU on board that makes the AMOLED display look better. The HDMI port is capable of delivering a 720p TV out with Dolby Digital Sound. With the Ovi Store, there are some famous apps available too.

AMOLED Display

The 3.5”inch AMOLED display does justice to the 12MP camera and the price of Nokia N8. The nHD resolution in AMOLED looks quite amazing because of the 360×640 pixels stretched across the 3.5”inch screen. The 3.5”inch screen for a touch phone is quite good and reminds of the iPhone. A capacitive screen with multi-touch makes its debut on a Nokia phone and that is something to cheer about. Nokia’s main aim with AMOLED is to make the screen legible under sunlight and it has come out quite well. When in dark, the screen performs exceedingly well with super sharp images and nice dark black content.

Nokia N8


12MP Camera

Here comes the main feature of Nokia N8. The 12MP camera on the back is what this phone was made for. The excellent 12MP camera is able to produce images with a resolution of 4000×3000. This is the one of the highest resolutions produced by a camera in a smartphone. The 12MP camera is made of Carl-Zeiss lens and comes with Auto-Focus as one would expect. LED flash has been avoided and a better Xenon flash has been adopted since the phone focuses on the camera. The phone has one of the largest sensors and thus benefiting the low light images. The camera interface is nothing to boast about and that comes as a disappointment. The camera has all the features like geo-tagging, face detection and all. Low light photography comes out great and when the photos are taken with flash, they come with good quality. Finally, the camera is great for images. Video recording is great too. The camera is able to record 720p videos at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels at a frame rate of 25fps. Videos at 30fps would have been better. A great feature about this camera is that it maintains the HD quality even in 3x digital zoom. The videos come out much better than its competitors and that makes this phone stand out. The phone is great for what it is asked for and does great photography.


Nokia N8

Music Player

The file manager is great in Nokia N8. It allows the users to do all the basic things like renaming, moving and copying. The USB on the go is great and when connected to a computer, one can easily the files as a USB mass storage device. The image gallery of Nokia N8 is not that great to complement the 12MP camera. Though we see a lot of changes in the Symbian OS, it has done little with the image gallery.  Pinch to zoom feature is great, but the kinetic scrolling is missing. The music player is great this time. Symbian had been concentrating on simplicity until now, but with Nokia N8 and its cover flow based album selection, it is sure a treat for the users. The audio quality is great thanks to exceptional earphones from Nokia. This time Nokia strikes big in audio. The video player is quite impressive with support for DivX videos out of the box. The video player is capable of playing videos with resolution up to 720p. The phone can be a great portable media player thanks to the HDMI port that is capable of producing a TV out of 720p. The inbuilt FM Radio comes with RDS.


Being a well-priced phone, Nokia N8 does not lack any of the connectivity features. The phone has all the basic things that even the midrange smartphones have like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and GPS with A-GPS. The version of Bluetooth is 3.0. With Ovi maps lifetime voice guided navigation and GPS, navigation can be great fun thanks to the voice guided navigation. The internet browser is not a big winner here; it comes out as a disappointment. Despite its multi-touch feature and Flash support, the browser fails to impress because of the slow speed. USB on the go is great and that allows the phone to read content from other handsets and other USB devices. Nokia N8 charges off the USB making it great.

Nokia N8

Nokia N8Box Contents

  • Nokia N8 Phone
  • Travel Charger
  • USB data cable
  • A micro USB to USB connector
  • A mini HDMI to HDMI connector
  • Earphones
  • A quick start guide


Why you should get the Nokia N8?

  1. Superb AMOLED display
  2. Solid and stylish build
  3. Great camera for still images and video recording
  4. HDMI port for 720p TV-Out
  5. Scratch resistant Gorilla Glass
  6. Flash support in browser
  7. 16GB on board memory with micro SD card slot
  8. Great audio
  9. Excellent all round connectivity

Why you should avoid getting the Nokia N8?

  1. Symbian^3 is outdated
  2. Out dated camera interface
  3. Non replaceable battery
  4. Poor battery life
  5. Very Expensive

Nokia N8 – Final Scores

Build Quality
Value for Money


If you are looking to buy a smartphone with good camera, then the Nokia N8 is a great choice because of its reliability thanks to Nokia brand.

If you want something other than Symbian, then you should avoid Nokia N8.

If you are planning to get a costly camera phone, then without doubt it has to be this Nokia N8.

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