Nokia rumored to announce Windows RT tablet at MWC 2013

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The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest events of the year in the mobile industry. With more than 50 days to go for the event, we have already started hearing various rumors. One of the very interesting rumor is that Nokia is planning to unveil a Windows RT tablet at MWC 2013.

Nokia Tablet

A Nokia tablet has been in the rumors for quite sometime. We have heard rumors that Nokia was working on a Windows tablet. May be the announcement of Microsoft Surface kept the Nokia tablet away for a while. There have been a few rumors about the Nokia Tablet but none of which could give a clear picture of the specifications. However, we have information that Nokia is planning to use a dual-core Snapdragon SoC for the Nokia tablet.

The rumors seem to be on the right track. Nokia announcing a tablet at the MWC makes sense. Earlier in the day, Nokia had announced that Nokia will not make a big appearance at the CES 2013, but will keep its focus on MWC.

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