Nokia to bring Tablets and Hybrid devices with Windows Phone 8

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Nokia has had little success with its current Windows Phone series. It has only two phones in the world market – Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 so far. Despite having positive feedback from the consumers, the Lumia series is yet to really catch on and make an impact. The Windows Phone share in the smartphone market is going down and the investors in the Microsoft Nokia deal are not happy. They seem to run out of patience.

Nokia Tablets

Nokia’s out going ┬áChairman Jorma Ollila has announced that Nokia will be bringing in Windows 8 Tablets and also Windows Phone 8 based hybrid “phablets”. Jorma claims that the recent decline in the smartphone market for Nokia is a result of slow adapting nature of Nokia. But he is sure that Nokia will bounce back.

Nokia have faced some serious problem with their smartphones over the past couple of years and the company’s value dropped by 90% in the last five years.

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