Nokia Windows Phone 7 leaked promo

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Nokia Windows Phone 7

Ever since Nokia and Microsoft got involved in an agreement that has changed the face of the smartphone industry, we have not seen any big news from the mobile giant. There have been hardly any news or info about the WP7 running Nokia phones. Finally we get to see a promo that can well turn out to be a fake though. The fans of Nokia Windows Phone 7  phones at least will know that the first phone will be Sea Ray. From a recent promo that was released, the leaked phones are completely different from the Ray and that is the reason the folks seem to be excited.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 – Leaked Promo

There are a couple of models that are depicted in the promo. One of them is exactly like the one that we had in an earlier mock up, but the other is a very different looking phone and is a sure shot among the lineup of Nokia Windows Phone 7 series of phones. The new style and elegance of these phones surely give a new dimension for the people to choose their smartphones from.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 – The future

Nokia Windows Phone 7There are also a lot of speculations about the promo as it could be a well made up fake or it could be real. Only time will be the answer to that question and all we can do is to wait. The ending of the promo reveals a futuristic phone that could only be related to promoting a phone and that is the reason that a lot of doubts loom over the correctness of the video. Whether true or not, the Nokia Windows Phone 7 phones will surely make a big impact on the market.

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