Nokia X2

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Nokia X2

A budget phone with all the features is what one wants. That is exactly what Nokia is here to give. Nokia has managed to give to its customers in India, a mobile phone with many modern day features and equipped with a 5MP camera at an very affordable price. Here is the Nokia X2, a bar phone that packs a very well fitted 5MP camera and priced at Rs4500. This is something we get to see for the first time and it is surprising that it has come from Nokia. The phone is much more than what its price suggests offering various features like stereo speakers, built-in antenna and a 5MP camera with LED flash. It runs on the outdated S40 OS and hence does not offer much functionality other than the basics. This is no phone for a tech geek, but a perfect phone for someone who wants to shoot some pictures and make calls with his phone along with a few messages. Being a very moderately priced phone, there are very few disappointments for the buyer. Also there is nothing much to be proud of except the 5MP shooter.

Nokia X2

Nokia X2

Build and Construction

The dimensions of Nokia X2 are 111 x 47 x 13.3mm and definitely it is not a small phone. Despite its 81gms, the Nokia X2 does not even make its presence felt in the hand. The 2.2”inch screen fits well for the phone of this size. The traditional keypad in Nokia X2 is pretty good as well. The phone features square corners with rounded edges and that makes it one among the X series Nokia phones.

Nokia X2

Nokia X2

The front side of Nokia X2 has only two things – screen and the keypad. The top part contains a below par display and a keypad below it. Nokia has used D-Pad for navigational purposes. It is one of those features that is again surprising in a low end phone like this. Surrounding the D-Pad are the four typical buttons. A left and right option key on the top for selecting the on-screen options. Below these keys are the green call and red end call keys. The green key is on the left side and the red one is the on the right side making it a traditional Nokia phone. The right side of Nokia X2 has numerous keys and that gives a feeling of crowdedness. The top two keys are the volume rocker keys. Then the next is the covered micro SD slot and it is followed by the shutter key for camera. The left side of the phone has three buttons for music purposes- Previous, Play/Pause and Next. The top of Nokia X2 too is quite crowded with a covered micro USB slot, a 2mm charger jack and a 3.5mm for all the music needs. The bottom has only a lanyard eyelet. The back of the phone has a 5MP camera along with LED flash on top of it. There are two speakers on the either side of the camera. Another pair of speakers are placed at the bottom and those are also stereo speakers. Nokia symbol is engraved at the back as well. Beneath the camera is the 860mAh battery. Luckily the memory card is placed outside and that makes it hot swappable.

The battery cover of Nokia X2 is made of aluminum and that is what gives the phone a classy look apart from the entire plastic body. The phone looks very tall compared to the normal phones and that may be because of the lesser width and thickness. Though the keypad has big keys, this is not the phone for people who message a lot. The phone is fun when messaging is done occasionally. The overall build and design of the phone is very solid and the phone feels very comfortable to hold.

Nokia X2

Features and Specifications

Nokia X2


X2 Specifications

Yet again, Nokia have gone for a series S40 mobile phone. Since Nokia X2 runs on S40, there is nothing much to worry about the RAM or ROM. Nokia X2 has been supplied with a RAM of 64MB and internal memory of 48MB. The phone’s UI is simple and straight forward. It misses out fancy features like customizability. Themes just change the icons and fonts. Nokia X2 is great for the people who don’t want much from their phone other than the basic needs. The 2.2”inch screen is not that impressive. Poor viewing angles are a drawback along with the poor sunlight legibility. The phonebook is very simple and it is very commonly seen, so using it will not be a big problem. Messaging is all very simple and is very easy to use.


The music player of Nokia X2 is quite good for a phone that is offered at a price of Rs4500. The music output is quite good, but the earphones that come with the phone are not up to the mark. There are a few equalizer options that the user can choose from for their mp3 songs. The Photos gallery and the file browser are seen very differently here. The photos app does only what is asked. It has monotonous way of displaying the pictures with a 4×3 grid, hence displaying 12 pictures at a time. The video player is quite basic and plays only 3GP and MP4 files.  FM Radio along with in-built antenna is quite a good addition because it comes with RDS.

Nokia X2

Music Player


The 5 megapixel camera of Nokia X2 is quite good for a phone that comes at the price of Rs4500. The camera is capable of producing images at a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. The LED flash is a great addition that makes taking pictures in dark a little better. The flash also can be used as a torch. The flash is decent only when the objects are closer. The photo settings are very limited and that is what one can expect from a phone that comes with Nokia S40 OS. There is too much noise in the photos and because of the heavy compression, the quality of the images are far below a 5MP image. An awkward purple tinge sets in with all the photos and that degrades the photos even further. Video is not great because of the poor 20fps.


Since this is a budget phone, one cannot expect great connectivity. The phone lacks Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS. Bluetooth always finds its place in a modern day phone. But it is really too much to expect from a phone that comes at just Rs4500. A big advantage is that Nokia X2 charges off USB. This is a welcome addition to the Nokia phones. The default browser is the Opera Mini browser. Nokia seems to have adapted Opera Mini for all its S40 phones and Nokia X2 is no exception. The functionality of the browser is quite decent and the page load time is less than the default browser of Nokia X2. The Facebook app is very functional for a non-touch phone.

Nokia X2


Ovi Store

The Nokia Ovi store is nothing compared to the App Store from Apple and Google’s Android Market. But it does have the basic apps that one would want. Nokia Music would be a nice place to get the needed music. The music store is reasonable and has a good choice of songs. Unlike other Nokia phones, Nokia X2 comes with a lot of preloaded games. There are 8 games available already pre-installed and that is a great bonus. These small games could well serve the purpose of time pass for which they were installed.

Nokia X2

Box Contents

  • Nokia X2 Phone
  • Travel Charger
  • A quick start guide
  • 2GB micro SD card
  • Earphones


Why you should get Nokia X2?

  1. Very affordable (price Rs4500)
  2. Value for Money
  3. Easy to use
  4. Good Music Controls
  5. Decent Audio
  6. Nice features for a cheap phone
  7. Solid Build
  8. FM radio with RDS

Why you should not get Nokia X2?

  1. Poor 5MP camera
  2. Outdated OS
  3. Lacks Wi-Fi
  4. No 3G, GPS
  5. Not so good mini USB port

Nokia X2 – Final Scores

Build Quality
Value for Money


If you are looking for a nice camera phone within Rs5000, then Nokia X2 is perfect.

If you are tired of phones with outdated Nokia OS, then surely Nokia X2 is not for you. Same old Nokia phone with same Nokia S40 OS.

Nokia X2 is a great 5MP camera phone for Rs5000.

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