Samsung Galaxy Ace : Truly an Ace

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Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung started its Android venture with the Galaxy S phone and from then on, it has been releasing all its Android phones with the Galaxy name. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is one of those phones that is a little too good for the price at which it is offered. The Ace as the name suggests lives up to its name and falls perfectly in the mid range zone. The Galaxy Ace is surely a bad news for the mid-range Android phones as it packs a hell lot of features at an affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Build and Construction

The Samsung Galaxy Ace was not meant to be a normal mid range Android phone by the looks of it. The build quality of the phone is great. The Samsung Galaxy Ace weighs a very normal 113 grams. Keeping the phone compact and stylish was the main motto. The measurements of the phone are 112.4 x 59.9 x 11.5 mm. The measurements suggest that the phone is quite a normal sized smartphone. The curved edges make it comfortable to hold. By the looks of the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the screen size, one could mistake it for a iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace

The front of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is very simple and has very simple things. There is an earpiece at the top of the phone and it has a proximity sensor near it. Then there is the 3.5″inch display and even that is a leaf from the iPhone. Below the screen is the home button just like in iPhone, but it has two touch sensitive keys on both sides. On the left side is the options key and on the right side is the back key for navigation. The right side of the phone has the screen lock key which doubles as the power button and there is also a closed microSD card slot which supports up to 32GB. The top of the phone has a closed USB connector and a 3.5mm jack just like in Samsung Galaxy 551. The left side of the phone has only the volume rocker and the lanyard eyelet.  The bottom of the phone has only the mouthpiece. The back of the phone has a 5MP camera that comes with a LED flash. There is also a speaker by its side. The Google emblem is missing at the back though, but there is a Samsung logo at the bottom. Underneath the back cover is the SIM card slot that is placed under the 1350 mAh battery.

The overall build of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is great. It feels very solid and by all means reminds us of the iPhone. The back of the phone is great because of its rugged texture. It feels great to hold on and gives the comfort of security on holding it. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is a good one. It is not the one to be called great because though it has good brightness and contrast, the colors are very dull. But with the Gorilla Glass display, the screen is saved from scratches.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Features and Specifications


Samsung Galaxy Ace


Since the Samsung Galaxy Ace is a smartphone, it comes with a good processor. The chipset is the Qualcomm MSM7227 on which the ARM 11 processor is used which can clock up to 800MHz. The phone also has a GPU for more crispier images. The Adreno 220 is used as GPU and it delivers well. As with all Samsung phones, it has been provided with a very small internal memory of 158MB which is very less. The RAM is not high either and it is only 278MB, but the processor along with the GPU make up for it. The 3.5″inch LCD capactivie touchscreen resembles the one on the iPhone4 by looks and it has a resolution of 320×480 pixels.

Android OS and TouchWiz 3.0 User Interface

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Application Drawer

The Samsung Galaxy Ace runs on the Android 2.2 version Froyo. There is an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well. Froyo makes efficient use of the phone’s resources and makes it smooth with a 800MHz processor. The default launcher has been replaced with the Samsung TouchWiz launcher and the integration of the TouchWiz launcher is superb over the Froyo OS. The interface of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is very simple and we have already seen the same interface in various other Samsung Android phones running the Froyo version. A new feature that we see is the pinch zoom feature inside the application drawer. It shows the miniature version of the various app screens so that editing is possible. Finally the user interface is quite good and the response is quite good. With the Android Market, one can never be short of apps.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with a 5MP camera along with a LED flash. The resolution of the images produced by this camera are 2560×1920 pixels. Luckily the camera comes with Auto-Focus. The unlucky thing about the Samsung Galaxy Ace is that there is no camera shutter key and hence all the focusing work has to be done through the touch interface. Because of the LED flash, taking photos in the dark does not seem to be a bad option. The camera UI is very much the same as we see in all Samsung Android phones and being very simple, it is quite usable. There are lots of add-ons that come with the camera like Face Detection, Smile Detection, Geo-tagging. Like a typical Android phone, it has a lot of camera options and with Aut0-focus, photography should be fun with this camera. The quality of the images are exceptional, the colors are very rich, good rendering and the noise is kept minimum. The performance of the camera is brilliant under most of the conditions. But the video recording is nowhere near the mark. It just records videos. The quality is QVGA at 15fps and nothing can be done with these videos.


Samsung Galaxy Ace

3D Gallery

The image gallery is just as great as it is in all Froyo running phones. The Froyo stock gallery has been used in the Samsung Galaxy Ace and it comes out well. The photos get a completely new refreshing look when they are seen in the 3D gallery. The gallery offers some pretty 3D transitions and it is a visual treat. The music player of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is just great. It absolutely is one of the best in the class. The music player is the regular TouchWiz music player that we see in many Android phones. With DNSe technology, the music effect is great and the pair of earphones that come with the Samsung Galaxy Ace are the in-ear type, there by cancelling all noise. Tabbed interface of the TouchWiz player makes it very easy to select the songs. The video player that we get to see in the Samsung Galaxy Ace is a very basic one. It is fairly simple and plays 3GP and MP4 videos. The FM Radio comes with RDS making it very good and enjoyable.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Music Player


Being a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace has not been deprived of any connectivity features. It has all the connectivity features that one would want in a smartphone of this class. There is Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS along with A-GPS. The Android default browser is quite good on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It has great navigational capabilities with multi-touch and fast page loads. There is no support for Flash though. The browser uses the full 3.5″inch display and that is great way of optimizing the screen and good way to browse the net. Other than the page, even the UI is not displayed.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Box Contents

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace phone
  • Travel Charger
  • 2GB memory card
  • In-Ear type earphones
  • A quick start guide
  • Samsung warranty


Why you should get the Samsung Galaxy Ace?

  1. Great Processor
  2. Android 2.2 Froyo
  3. Solid Build quality
  4. Great 5MP camera
  5. Great Music
  6. Big and Good Screen
  7. Value for Money
  8. Affordable for the features it offers ( price Rs

Why you should not get Samsung Galaxy Ace?

  1. Very less RAM and internal storage
  2. No Flash support
  3. No camera shutter key
  4. Camera lens is unprotected
  5. No ambient light sensor

Samsung Galaxy Ace – Final Scores

Build Quality
Value for Money


If you want a iPhone look like Android phone for less than Rs15000, then the Samsung Galaxy Ace is great option.

If you want a looking for cheaper Android phones, there are many good ones than this and if your budget is high, then there are better ones than the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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