Samsung Galaxy Y Vs Samsung Wave Y – Battle of the Twins

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Samsung Galaxy Y Vs Samsung Wave Y

The Galaxy Y and the Wave Y are both entry range smartphones from Samsung that happen to fall under a price of Rs7000. Both phones stand out as one of the most sought after entry range smartphones. Both smartphones are powered by the same 832MHz processor. Both phones are provided with excellent connectivity features – 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS with A-GPS. Both phones are priced around Rs. 7000.


Samsung Galaxy Y Vs Samsung Wave Y

Both of them are vary very slightly in terms of their specifications. Only a couple of things separate these phones.

1. OS

Galaxy runs on Android 2.3.5 while Wave runs on Bada OS 2.0. Both are completely different OSes, but Samsung has made sure that the UI looks and feels the same on both phones – TouchWiz. Galaxy Y runs on Android and thus has all Google apps and more importantly has access to the Android Market(Google Play) where there are millions of apps. On the other hand, the Wave Y is limited to a few thousands of apps that are released for the Bada OS. Though little, there are generally apps for basic needs in the Bada Store.

In OS, Galaxy Y is the clear winner of the battle.

2. Display

Galaxy Y and Wave Y are fitted with LCD capacitive touchscreens, but Wave Y has the bigger and better display. Galaxy Y has a 3″inch display that has a screen resolution of 240×320 pixels meaning that the pixel density is 133ppi. Wave Y on the other hand has a 3.2″inch (slightly bigger) screen and a better resolution of 480×320 pixels meaning a relatively much higher pixel density of 180ppi.

In terms of display, the winner among both phone is the Wave Y.

3. NFC

Wave Y features an NFC chip while Galaxy Y does not. Wave Y wins this round.

4. Internal Memory

The internal memory in Galaxy Y is 180MB while that of Wave Y is 150MB meaning a 30MB decrease than the Galaxy Y. Galaxy Y wins it by a small margin in the comparision

5. Ambient Sensor

Wave Y does not have an ambient sensor and hence no auto brightness feature is available. The Galaxy Y has the ambient sensors and it wins this one in the contest

6. Haptic Feedback

Wave Y does not have haptic feedback. The Galaxy Y wins again in the battle

What to choose?

If you are caught in a fix trying to choose between both phone, then you should think what you need the most. If you are so worried about how things look on a phone, then you should get Wave Y because it has a much better display than the Galaxy Y. But apart from the display, the  Galaxy Y is the best choice to arrive at because of Google and Android.

The Winner is Galaxy Y.

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