Samsung Wave Y – Young and Vibrant

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Samsung Wave Y

The odd one among the series of affordable Samsung smartphones is the new Samsung Wave Y S5830. The Samsung Wave Y runs on Samsung’s Bada OS 2.0 making it stand out from the other entry range Samsung Android smartphones. In terms of specification, it can be a twin brother of the Samsung Galaxy Y which runs on Android.

Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Wave Y


The Samsung Wave Y is a compact little smartphone with a screen size of 3.2″inch. The dimensions of the phone are 110 x 58.5 x 12.3mm and the weight is just a little over 100g.

The display of Samsung Wave Y is nothing to brag about, but it does the job with a decent LCD capacitive touchscreen that has a pixel density of 180ppi. The reflection on the screen can sometimes be a hindrance for viewing. The display fits perfectly into the frame and does not look to dominate the phone. Above the display is the barely visible proximity sensor adjacent to the earpiece. There is no ambient sensor and hence there is no auto brightness feature in the Samsung Wave Y. Below the keys are the capacitive call keys on the either side of a physical home key. There is no haptic feedback for the capacitive keys.

On the left side of the Samsung Wave Y is the correctly sized and placed volume rocker that is quite easy to find and use. There is the lanyard eyelet above the volume rocker on  top and a small opening towards the bottom for opening the back case. On the top of the phone we have only the 3.5mm jack. On the right side, the screen lock key which is a little tricky to use is the only key. At the bottom of the phone is a covered microUSB port and mic pinhole. On the back of the Samsung Wave Y is the 2MP camera with no LED flash. The loudspeaker is on the side of the camera. Beneath the cover is the 1200mAh battery that houses the SIM Card. The microSD card is hot swappable.

The overall build quality of the Samsung Wave Y is quite nice. The plastic finish makes sure that the phone is lightweight. For its price, the Samsung Wave Y is perfectly built and compact with its good finish.


The Samsung Galaxy Y is powered by a very capable 832MHz processor. The internal memory of the phone is 150MB and there is microSD Card support up to 32GB.

Bada 2.0

Samsung Wave Y - Bada Live PanelSamsung Wave Y - Bada OS Notification BarSamsung sure is making some phones with its Bada OS incase Android starts charging its manufacturers. Despite looking very much like Android, the Samsung Wave Y is not a Droid. It runs on Bada 2.0. The Bada OS seems to run pretty smoothly on a phone with hardware limitations. On top of the Bada OS is the very familiar TouchWiz UI that makes sure that the users coming from Android do not find much difference in terms of UI. The latest addition to the Bada OS 2.0 is the Live Panel that is a full screen with contextual widgets. The UI of Samsung Wave Y is pretty simple and the OS eases and graces through the various screen even on a phone like this with very minimal hardware capabilities. There are up to 10 panes which can have the Live Panels. The Bada 2.0 is an OS with perfect multitasking. The task manager can be accessed by long pressing the physical home button and it provides the options to switch between various applications or end certain ones. The notification is exactly similar to the one in Android with various buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound and Auto-Rotation. The notification bar cannot be pulled or scrolled up, it can only be collapsed or hidden. The main menu structure is a grid arrangement of the various apps in 4×4 alignment which is also not so different from the Android version. There are no separate options for specific apps. For example, to access the Phonebook settings in the Samsung Wave Y, you cannot go to Phonebook and choose settings. You have to go to settings and select the various Phonebook options. The Phonebook is great with many options for various details and searching is quite easy. There is smart dialing in the Telephony section of the Samsung Wave Y, but the suggestions are based only on the numbers. The messaging app is very functional and covers SMS, MMS and emails. There are a rich set of input options like normal typing, dictating and handwriting recognition. Also, there is quite a number of things that can be done just with voice commands liking calling someone, texting someone, web searches, playing songs/playlists. However, do not expect answers to your questions(This is not Siri).


Samsung Wave Y - GalleryThe gallery app of the Samsung Wave Y looks familiar and yet again it is Android from which the look and feel has been adapted. The functionality is impressive thanks to Kinetic scrolling. The new improvements in Bada 2.0 can be seen here. The Video player is pretty simple. Supported formats include .MP4/.MKV. Subtitle support is yet to arrive. The music player looks very similar to the one in Android except that we see the various Album, Artist, Playlist and Song tabs at the bottom of the screen rather than the top. The landscape version offers a better visual. The Samsung Wave Y comes with a FM Radio along with RDS. The interface is quite simple and easy to use. The overall audio quality is good though it could have been better without the crosstalk.



Samsung Wave Y - Camera UIThe 2MP camera of the Samsung Wave Y shoot photos up to a resolution of 1600×1200. The camera UI is very similar to the ones from Samsung and that is quite useful. It makes good use of the screen, offering various controls. The phone lacks a dedicated camera key and auto-focus. The video recording is disastrous though. The Samsung Wave Y records videos at 320×240 pixels @ 15fps. How much more can you expect from a phone costing less than Rs6500.

Browser and MarketPlace

The default browser in the Samsung Wave Y is the Samsung Dolphin Browser. The browser is based on the latest Webkit (like the one in Android) and has pinch to zoom capabilities. When the page is entirely loaded, all you get to see is the page and the URL bar at top with refresh button at the bottom. The browser is quite functional. There is support for Flash Lite 2.0, but playing Flash videos is too much to ask of our little Samsung Wave Y. The Bada OS is in the developing stage and is far behind in the number of apps from the Android market. However there are a few apps for the basic needs.


The Samsung Wave Y is a complete package in terms of connectivity. It is packed with everything that one would want(atleast in India, except 4G) – WiFi, Bluetooth(3.0), GPS with A-GPS, 3G and NFC too. There is a microUSB port for connectivity with the PC for data transfers and Samsung Kies.

Samsung Wave Y – Rating

Build Quality
Value for Money

BottomLine – The Samsung Wave Y is Young and Vibrant but lacks the power and speed.

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Samsung Wave Y - Young and Vibrant, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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