Samsung to release a Windows Phone 8 Galaxy S3?

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With the whole Android world looking for their next ruler which will be announced on May 3rd, there comes a rumor from the number one handset manufacturer ( Samsung, it is ) that they will be also be producing a Windows Phone 8 running Galaxy S3. The Windows Phone 8 will be a sequel to the Samsung Focus and it is expected to release in early Q4 by the time WP8 gets out. Samsung may be planning to use the similar hardware on the Focus II in case rumors do come true.

Samsung Focus II

The Windows Phone 8 running Samsung Focus II could resemble the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of design and could borrow a lot of specifications. By that time too, LTE would not have reached as far as they would have hoped and hence we can bet that there will be couple of versions of the WP8 – A dual core LTE phone and a QuadCore non LTE version.

Windows Phone have not had the success that the platform deserves because the Androids have simply taken over the smartphone world. If the Windows Phones are to make any difference, then it has to be with the Windows Phone 8 which seems to be tightly integrated with the Desktop version of Windows. If the Samsung Focus II is indeed true, then it will be one of the most sought out Windows Phone 8 when it comes out.

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