Sony and HTC reconsider ICS Update list

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HTC had recently released the ICS Update route map and it has now announced that the Android tablets from HTC – Flyer, Jetstream and View 4G will not be getting ICS Updates. This is really a bad news for the users who own these devices. Actually JetStream and View 4G are wuite powerful tablets that were promised an ICS update earlier. But now HTC seems to back off. The main reason for the back off is the poor sales of these tablets. No ICS

Sony who have been so far instrumental in bringing the ICS update as planned has now cancelled the ICS update for its Sony Xperia Play. The Xperia Play has been one of the most sought out phone from Sony and yet Sony has decided to cancel the ICS Update.

No technical details were announced and we believe it is up to guys in xfa Forum to take care of this.

Google whi is the owner of Android has however asked the manufactures to commit to deliver updates at least for two years, but looks like no manufacturer is honoring the agreement.

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