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Sony Ericsson Txt

Sony Ericsson was clear with a way as to how it was going to approach the mid range market. The Sony Ericsson Txt is the result of the study. Sony plans to get into the market with a QWERTY phone coupled with a decent 3.2 MP Camera and WiFi connectivity. This may be the list of features at a glance, but check out the review to find out more about the Sony Ericsson Txt.

Sony Ericsson Txt

Sony Ericsson Txt


The Sony Ericsson Txt measures 106 x 60 x 14.5 mm in terms of dimensions. Compact is one word to describe it. The phone is wider than most normal phones because of the QWERTY keypad.

Sony Ericsson TxtThe front of the phone has the 2.55″inch landscape style display. The QVGA display performs well indoors, but suffers a little when in bright sunlight. Above the display is the earpiece and below are the numerous keys. The central D-Pad is a little complicated to use. The keys on the either side are for various screen options. Below the left key is the multitask key to show the running applications list and the key on the right is for back or music player. Beyond these keys are the call and end call keys. Below these keys is the 4 row QWERTY keypad which is quite comfortable to use. The keys have a good feedback and typing is smooth as butter. There is a mic pinhole below the last row. On the right side of the phone is the volume rocker that is not the best to use. There is nothing below the phone as well. The left side is quite barren as well. The top of the Sony Ericsson Txt has the 3.5mm audio jack. The left side of the phone houses the uncovered microUSB port. Beneath the battery cover on the back is the battery and beneath which is the non hotswappable microSD card slot and the SIM card slot.

The overall build quality is decent. The plastic body could have been better given that Sony phones are not the most durable.


The Sony Ericsson software is one of the best when it comes to using multiple applications at one, but it is not truly multitasking. There are various options available from the keypad itself with various keys.


The Sony Ericsson Txt features a 3.15MP camera that can shoot images upto a resolution of 2048×1536. The images are of decent quality. There is video recording, but does it really matter.

Music Player

Sony phones have always had the upperhand in terms of music quality and the Sony Ericsson Txt maintains the quality. The music player is the default one that has all the basic features. The songs are automatically arranged with the corresponding albums, artists and so on.

Sony Ericsson Txt – Rating

Build Quality
Value for Money

Sony Ericsson Txt – Super fast messenger with good music player, but nothing else except for WiFi.

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Sony Ericsson Txt - Swift Keyboard, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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