Sony Zylo

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Sony Zylo

Sony Ericsson has had great success in producing some quality entry range phones and surely Zylo is one among them. When it comes to small and cute phones, then Sony is the name. This time it the stylish sexy slider phone that Sony has named as Zylo. This could well be the beginning of next series of impressive phones from Sony. The Zylo goes on to be a Walkman phone with a gyroscope. With the growth of social networking, phones almost need them inbuilt and this phone caters to these needs perfectly. It handles music superbly and there are many reviews that tell the quality of the music. Sony has stopped those W phones, but Zylo manages to remind that Sony still has one of the best music quality.


Sony Zylo

Sony Zylo

Build and Construction

Sony Zylo is small and cute. The cool slider makes the phone look quite stylish. The phone is small, but definitely not one of those slim phones. Sony Zylo measures 103 x 52 x16mm and weighs a comfortable 115gms which is just perfect for a slider phone. The entire phone is made of plastic, but despite that Sony manages to keep the finish quite good. Metal finish is what would have been great, but that is something hard to expect at this low price range.

Sony ZyloThe front of the phone has the 2.6”inch screen and below which there are 7 buttons along with the circular D-Pad. The top two buttons are used to select the options in the user. On the left and right side are the green call and red end call buttons. Below them are the shortcuts button on the left side and the clear key is right side. The D-Pad around the center button is quite comfortable to use. The center button doubles as the Play/Pause button. All the buttons on the Zylo are quite well placed and provide good feedback making it very easy to use. When the phone is slid, there is the numpad and it is great to use. The keys are well designed to be comfortable to use. With nice curves, the keypad can help in messaging very fast. On the right side of the phone is the volume rocker along with the Walkman button. The Walkman button launches the Walkman as it did in the W series phones. On the left side is the Sony’s fast port and also there is a mic hole. Sony has not fiddled with the top and bottom. On the back side is the 3.15MP camera without a flash. Sony Ericsson and Walkman symbols are engraved on the back giving the phone a clean look.

Sony Zylo feels very solid though it is made of plastic. The plastic is surprisingly scratch resistant. The color along the ring around the center button and the Walkman are the only colorful things seen on the phone. The curve on the backside makes the phone feel great to hold. The screen is quite good because of the QVGA resolution that is stretched on the 2.6”inch screen. A mineral glass coating above the screen on the Zylo prevents the screen against scratches.

Sony Zylo

Features and Specifications


Sony ZyloBeing a low range handset, one cannot expect a great processor. Zylo runs on the Sony Ericson Java software. It has all the basic functionalities that one would want like easy messaging, phonebook, smart dialing. With 260MB internal memory, the phone has sufficient in-built storage and for all the media requirements you have micro SD card support up to 16GB. Because of the familiar Sony interface, one can expect a fast interface that supports multitasking. The activity menu is a great feature which satisfies the need for multitasking. Telephony is great with smart dialing. Messaging is fun with traditional Sony style.


Sony Zylo has the Media Center app for all the media needs. It organizes photos, video and music along with RSS feeds. Auto rotation is possible thanks to the accelerometer. The Zylo Walkman player is great and the audio quality is great. By default, the player can play a number of formats –mp3, wav, aac. What comes as a surprise is that it can also play the HD audio version which is FLAC. The image gallery is not very impressive, but organizes the photos neatly. The video player is impressive as well. It can even display the subtitles. The in-built FM radio with RDS is a great feature in the Zylo.

Sony ZyloCamera

The 3.15 MP snapper that comes with Sony Zylo does not have an auto-focus. The resolution of the images that this camera can produce are 2048×1536 pixels. Lack of the LED flash makes the low light photos less interesting. The camera quality is quite good and impresses everyone. However, the number of options that the user can set is not much. Though there is no GPS in the phone, it manages to do geo tagging thanks to the cell ID. The noise is quite low and that has managed to keep the images well. The video of Zylo is of VGA resolution and comes out at a frame rate of 24fps which is not bad for a phone that costs Rs6500.


A phone coming at Rs6500 cannot be expected to be great in connectivity. But this one is not the case. It features 3G that supports speeds up to 7.2Mbps. Apart from 3G, there is the local Bluetooth for file sharing and also the USB support. Also there is the hot swappable micro SD card.  The internet browser is decent for a phone that does not have Wi-Fi connection. There is a virtual mouse pointer that allows easy navigation.

Sony Zylo

Sony ZyloSony ZyloBox Contents

  • Phone
  • Travel Charger
  • Earphones
  • Data cable


Why you should get Sony Zylo?

  1. Sleek and Stylish
  2. 3G connectivity
  3. Value for Money and Affordable(Deals as low as Rs6500)
  4. Great Music
  5. Good Camera
  6. Solid Finish

Why you should not get Sony Zylo?

  1. No 3.5mm jack
  2. No mini USB
  3. No camera lens

Sony Zylo – Final Scores

Build Quality
Value for Money


If you are looking for a stylish 3G phone that fits your budget price of Rs6500, then this is it.

If you want a nice 3G phone with better features, then are better choices than the Zylo.

Sony Zylo is a cute low end 3G phone.

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