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Hi Guys! Six months ago when I was searching for a phone, I had a very tough time. I had the reviews of mobile from various big sites like GSMArena and PhoneArena. These sites had the reviews based on their hands-on experience. I found that these reviews did not really make up my mind to buy the phone. I knew that I needed user reviews to convince me about the positives and negatives. I strongly believe that user experiences and their reviews are the best way to help the buyer.

I found that there are no sites that have user reviews of mobile phones in detail. That is the reason that I wanted to start this site. I hope it comes up well. I just want to make sure that the buyers get all essential details about a mobile phone before buying. For that, everyone has to help.

Buying a mobile phone is just great. After being for sometime with the mobile, we feel that we cannot be without the mobile even for a couple of minutes. Hence these mobiles are so close to us. That is the reason that we need to share this experience with others. Hence, you can write me reviews about the phones that you have used. This will definitely be helping those people who are looking to buy it.

Also I have a surprise for you guys. Each month, two reviews will be given awards. One is based on the number of likes each review gets in Facebook. The other will be adjudged by a group of mobile experts. So, do write to us about your experience with the phone in not less than 400 words.

Send your reviews to

Thank You! :)

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