Lava Xolo X910 pops up on the web in India

Lava Xolo x910

Lava Xolo X910 Unveiled Xolo added a new smartphone to its family Xolo 910 which comes with an Intel atom Processor and Android Operating System. The company recently unveiled the smartphone on their website and now the discussions over the smartphone are all over the internet. Xolo 910 is a successor to the Xolo 900 […]

Top 5 News Widgets for your Android Tablet


Widgets are small application views on the home screen of the smartphone or tablet which will keep updating itself regularly. Widgets are not available on iOS but only for Android. They are useful since they provide the information just by a glance at the icon. They keep on running in the background and will use […]

Play HD Games on any Android device with Chainfire HD


So are you having an Android that lags to play HD games ? Most of the people do not know about what to do in order to play HD Games on your device. Consider this post will be the best place to read about it. This post will help you to make your phone fluent and […]

Samsung Galaxy SII Plus and Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos spotted

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and Grand Duos

Samsung is about to launch a lot of new phones and there is no doubt about that. Recently, there have been quite a lot of leaks about Samsung phones. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is one name that keeps popping up constantly. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is tipped to be Samsung’s cheaper Note 2. […]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus may launch in early 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus

Samsung’s flagships have been known for two things – sales and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S was the first to set off records which were beated by its successor, Galaxy S2. The trend continued with Samsung Galaxy S3 breaking records of Galaxy S2. Such has been the success story of their flagships. After the success […]

Android 4.0 + now on more than 25% of devices

Android marketshare

On October 19 2011, Android 4.0 ICS ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) was launched and in nearly an year, the percentage of devices running ICS has risen to 23.7% . The adoption rate is slower since ICS is completely written again and it was also tough for the manufacturers to port the new OS to […]

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite – Buying Advice

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite is the very new entry range dual SIM Android phone from Samsung. Since it is an entry range phone, do not expect a dual core processor or a huge 4inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite comes with a pretty small (yes, now a days […]

Samsung launches the new Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite Samsung stormed away the entry range dual SIM market with Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and now the company plans to offer Dual SIM Android features for even lesser price. The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos was its low price and the features that it offered. Now Samsung […]

Google Navigation comes to India

Google Maps Navigation

One of the very good navigation services available on Android is Google Navigation and like most of Google products, it is available only in a few select places of the world. But today, Google has silently rolled out its Navigation app for Android to India. In India, the number of Android users have risen by […]

LG Optimus L3 Dual – Buying Advice

LG Optimus L3 Dual

LG Optimus L3 Dual The dual SIM Android phones are really become a hot selling point for the manufacturers. The entry range market is currently being dominated by Samsung and LG Optimus L3 Dual hopes to get LG’s market share high(at least in the entry range). The LG Optimus L3 Dual comes with a 800MHz […]