Why LG Optimus P500 is the best buy for Rs10000?

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LG Optimus P500

One of the most common doubts that people have when buying a phone is that is there a better phone for the same price range. The most obvious budget for a phone would be Rs10000 and there are quite a lot of phones that one can get in that budget. The LG Optimus P500 stands out among its competitors because of some very obvious reasons that I will be listing down.

LG Optimus P500

LG Optimus P500 – Features

1. Android OS

LG Optimus P500 comes with Android 2.2 Froyo out of the box. With Android, one can customize most of the things.

2. 600 MHz processor, 512MB RAM

LG Optimus P500 has been given a decent processor and ample amount of RAM to perform its operations. The excess RAM allows for the smooth performance of the phone .

3. Decent Camera

For a 10k phone, the Optimus packs very good 3.2MP camera and it would fit the needs of most people.

4. Solid Build Quality

Unlike most phones in the range, the LG Optimus P500 has exceptional build quality and feels very solid in the hands. That is what makes it durable.

5. Extraordinary Battery

When I say Extraordinary, I mean it. The LG Optimus P500 has exceptional battery life when compared to the other droids in the market.

6. Affordable Price

The best thing about the LG Optimus P500 is its affordable price. The whole package is available for less than Rs10000.

7. Good Display

Again, a distinguishing factor that favors the Optimus is its amazing display. While most competitors in the market decided to go with a less resolution screen for the devices in the similar price range, LG has given its Optimus phone a 3.2″inch display with a resolution of 320×480 pixels that makes sure that the display is crisp always.

LG Optimus P500 – Verdict

The LG Optimus P500 is truly one of the best smartphones for the mid range buyers.

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Why LG Optimus P500 is the best buy for Rs10000?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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